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Dolce is backstage in the boiler room. No one goes into the boiler room but her and her followers Anna, Carrie, and at one point, Angela. Although Angela is still out due to the massive beatdown from Nikki Bella on a main event episode of RAW. Other than them, not a lot of people go into this room. But today they’re getting a visitor.

Margot Robbie is a big Trish Stratus fan, and after watching, along with the rest of the world this past episode of RAW, she’s not a fan of Dolce and her posse. But journalism is journalism, she needs to conduct this interview. Everyone Dolce has attached her lips to have ended up doing her bidding. Whether that’s joining her group, or laying down for her so that she can become the IC champion. Dolce’s track record has been stellar… up to this point. Margot is in the boiler room and she’s eager to speak with Dolce.

Oddly enough, it was Dolce who requested this interview. Dolce asked for Margot to come down to the boiler room and of course Margot was definitely going to accept it. However, Dolce did make one request of Margot. Dolce wants Margot ringside for the main event match tonight. Margot had agreed. Afterall, there was a time, not that long ago, when Carrie and her were looking for Dolce backstage. Together they looked everywhere for her. Although they had different reasons for finding Dolce, Carrie wanted Dolce to “be with her.” Margot just wanted an exclusive. An interview with the mysterious, Dolce, was a hot story at the time.

Tepidly, “Hi Mystery Woman… errr… sorry I still kinda know you as that name… Dolce, thank you for accepting this interview.”

Dolce has a very exotic look to her. Her eyes can feel like she can see right through you, when in fact she’s really only looking at you. Her look just happens to have a way with people. “Margot, are you concerned for Trish Stratus?”

Caught off guard, but whether it was the ‘journalistic nature’ in her or her concern for Trish she presses on, “…Yes… Yes, I am… After you start kissing or whatever you call it, your opponent falls for you. Carrie and Anna here, were first to fall for you…” she points aggressively at the blonde duo. “…Kelly even laid down for you to surrender her title…A title Kelly fought very hard for and defended with pride! Is that how you’re going to win the title tonight? Is your plan to make Trish bow to you? Was that what the kiss was about on RAW?”

Enjoying the frustration seeping through Margot, Dolce addresses the shaken journalist, “Oh my! You really are concerned for her! Well, Trish Stratus is a hot commodity. I don’t have enough time to get to all your questions, But what Trish said about me on RAW is very true, I’ve wanted her so much. I envied Ariel for her powerful pet. She was… I’m sorry, she’s currently the face of our industry. She is who she is today because of Ariel! If you ask me, her career resurgence is because of Ariel… but how did she repay Ariel?! She beat the hell out of Ariel and stole her WWE title! Ariel’s downward spiral is because of Trish! Ariel is no longer around because of her.” Dolce looks to the camera now, ignoring the guest in the boiler room. “Trish Stratus, I want you to know that the match tonight is dedicated to Ariel. I can’t wait to play with you tonight, and for Margot to watch.” Her lips pucker as she presses them seductively together to form a kiss. Her sexual nature just exudes out of her almost uncontrollably sometimes. She blows a kiss to the camera and playfully winks one eye. Finally, she turns her attention back to Margot, “I’m looking forward to you watching my match tonight, Margot.”

Margot meekly responds to the exotic woman. She looks into those penetrating eyes, “I’ll be there.”

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      1. Trish Stratus needed a victory, thank you, yes she did, do you think Hamada is about to take the world championship from Trish Stratus

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