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Lana is sitting, quietly, alone in her locker room, with her hands covering the top of her head. A rather gloomy look for the usually outspoken up-and-comer. She looks like a child waking up Christmas morning and finding coal in her stockings.

A month ago, Lana had the holidays planned out in her head. Her and Alexa would be baking cookies, laughing, and having hot chocolate in the snow by a fire pit , all while dressed up in ugly sweaters.

Instead, she didn’t get a Christmas card, no present, no phone call, not even a text. The only thing she got from Alexa was an email. An unenthusiastic email she read a few days after Christmas that read:

Merry X-Mas Lana!

Lana didn’t reply to the email. The best she can do is email me? Really? Fuck that!

She did hear from one person though…

Torrie walks into the locker room. She’s wearing tape around her sides. No doubt, this was due to her TLC match when Alexa put her through not one, but two tables. She’s most definitely not medically cleared to compete in the Battle Royal tonight. She gingerly approaches Lana, “Hey Lana, did you get my Christmas Card?”

Lana wasn’t expecting Torrie or anyone at all to visit her. But Torrie’s appearance now couldn’t have come at a better time. “Oh Yes! Thank you! I didn’t expect you to give me one. I LOVE IT!”

Torrie’s wheels are spinning in her head. She hasn’t made it this far in her career being a good wrestler. She made it through cheating, and manipulation.

With a forced smile, “Lana, I’m not medically cleared to compete tonight, but I want to cheer you on tonight…”

The cheery red glow in Lana’s cheeks is all Torrie needs to realize that she has her right in the palm of her hand.

“… Maybe you can win tonight’s match and we can go to the Rumble together and take down Trish Stratus! We can win the race to Mania!” Torrie’s doesn’t have a shot at the Battle Royal. But she sees opportunity in Lana potentially winning the Battle Royal.

Lana, like an over-decorated home on Christmas night, is glowing. “YES! You can accompany to ring so I can CRUSH Everyone! And then, CRUSH TRISH!”

Feeling accomplished, but not wanting to stick around and just hangout with Lana, “Ok hun, I’ll let you finish getting ready!” Torrie skips out of the locker room.

Lana doesn’t look so gloomy anymore.

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