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Trish is backstage with super-fan Margot Robbie. Draped over her shoulder is the WWE Title. Trish is still the best because she carries it. After all these years she continues to pursue being the best of all time. One could argue that it’s an unhealthy obsession wanting to be the best all the time.

Margot: “Trish! Thank you for accepting this interview! Let’s get right to it! After your successful title defense at TLC you’re booked for the Royal Rumble. You’re going to face whomever wins tonight’s main event. Are you worried Michael Myers is going to attack you again? She could cost you the title.”

Trish: “I already learned something about her, Margot.”

Margot: “What’s that?”

Trish: “She’s a coward. Whoever she is, she’s gutless. She’s a spineless, coward who hides behind a mask. She doesn’t want to reveal who she is. She’s like the trolls online who talk a big game behind a keyboard. She hides behind a mask to avoid me coming after her and whooping her ass! On this road to WrestleMania, I’m looking upahead at my challengers and keeping my eyes on the rearview mirror. If she attacks me again. I’m ready for her. I’ll be watching and waiting for her…”

The interview is interrupted momentarily. A staff aid, hands Margot a note. Margot reads the note quickly. Before looking up at her interviewee.

Trish looks at her puzzlingly.

Alarmed and excited at the same time. Margot’s fandom has been put to the side while her journalistic nature emerges. Margot addresses the note, “…Trish I have an exclusive next week via zoom… with your attacker!”

The puzzled look on Trish’s face had become more profound, “Can’t wait!”

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      1. JR: “Tonight’s Battle Royal consists of Kelly Kelly, Brandi Rhodes, Alexa Bliss, Lacey Von Erich, Lana w/ Torrie Wilson, Velvet Sky, and Angelina Love. The winner goes one-on-one with Trish Stratus for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble.”

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