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Brandi approaches Kelly in the locker room. Kelly is seated with her back to the intruder. She’s not expecting company. The moment she realizes she’s not alone she quickly gets to her feet and turns around to engage the intruder. Kelly appears like she’s on edge, as she looks ready to brawl with Brandi. It doesn’t go unnoticed to Brandi.

Brandi waves her hands in the air, not wanting the situation to escalate. “Relax! Relax. I just want to talk.”

Kelly lowers her guard, a little.

Brandi continues, “Listen, over the holidays I had some time to think and I just want to say, let’s move on from TLC. We lost our match, I took a bad fall, and let’s move on. I have no bad blood towards you. I just want bygones to be bygones.”

The attractive blonde doesn’t vibe well with Brandi but she does see some sincerity in her statement. Despite the sincerity, Kelly doesn’t trust Brandi. “Great! I’m glad you feel that way. I’m in tonight’s Battle Royal and I’m pretty sure you are too. If I don’t win tonight, I’ll see you in the Royal Rumble since we’re both numbers 1 & 2. So you and I, we’re good.” Kelly states hastily.

A quick roll of Brandi’s eyes hints to Kelly that she wasn’t pleased with her response.

Brandi really doesn’t want to continue the conversation. It’s difficult to turn a blind eye towards a back-handed compliment like that. Brandi can’t help but respond to it, “Right! Because if you don’t win tonight I sure as hell won’t huh?… OK! Well see you around.”

Brandi turns around to walk away, feeling like this engagement is over. However, some more intruders enter the locker room, she immediately groans.

The TLC victors have entered the locker room.

Kelly just lowers her head not expecting anything good to come out of a visit from these two. These two women are the worst.

The Bella Twins approach their rivals. “Look what we have here, Bri?”

“What’s that sis?” Bri joins in teasingly.

“It looks like we have numbers 1 and 2 in the Royal Rumble this month before us!… Gee… what’s our numbers again, Bri?” Nikki speaks louder. The two of them giggling the whole time.

“28 &29, sis!” Bri could barely get the words out of her mouth without laughing. Their giggling becomes full on laughter.

Brandi bolts right between them, forcefully walking, and bumping into their shoulders.

“What’s gotten into her?!” Nikki exclaims; before turning her head and focusing on Kelly. Like real twins, Bri does the same. Both their minds thinking the same thing. Let’s tease Kelly.

As much as she didn’t like being in a room with Brandi, it’s definitely worse being in a room with two of her toughest adversaries. She glares at her opposition. Great! Now I’m stuck with these two idiots.

Nikki doesn’t miss a beat. “Looks like this COWARD, here, is coming out of her shell.” Nikki teases.

Bri jumps in, “You’re right! She’s not focused on the IC Title anymore. Hey! You think she’s ready to be a big girl and go after Trish for the title now?”

Nikki capitalizes, and boasts, “Girl! What are you talking about?! This is Kelly we’re talking about! She’s scared of Trish Stratus!”

They laugh hysterically. Their laughter spikes up a few more decibels.

Kelly gets fed up. I should have left with Brandi. Kelly power walks through the Bellas bumping into them on the way out.

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