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Lacey Von Erich makes her way out. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love follow along, they’re aware of their statuses in the Beautiful People and in this match. They need to support their woman in an atmosphere that’s calling for Lacey to lose. Both women are passionate about getting Lacey over tonight. It’s all the support Lacey wants and expects from the BP tonight.

Once they get to the front of the ring, Lacey speaks with her crew. “Listen ladies, I need to beat Trish tonight! I really, really, REALLY want to beat Trish. Don’t interfere unless it’s an emergency. Let me please beat Trish.”

Velvet and Angelina nod, agreeing with Lacey.

Trish Stratus power walks her way down the ring, engaging an audience watching from their screens. She points to them, encouraging their support as she heads to battle with the Number One Contender. The crowd is showering Trish in cheers.

In-ring introductions are performed by the announcer. Lacey takes the spotlight when her name is called.

Trish follow suit, and carries the WWE Title with one hand as her name is announced. She raises the title for the audience. She’s exporting the support of the crowd into her; using it as a way to pump her up. Trish has a match with Lacey Von Erich tonight, but she’s surrounded by her fans. She’s relying on the support of the audience to get her through this matchup.

The referee calls for the bell to start the contest.

JR: “Lacey is getting the opportunity of a lifetime tonight! She’s stepping up to the plate tonight and she’s going to need to leave it all on the line now to finally take the WWE Title from Trish!”

Both blondes walk to the center of the ring.

Lacey wraps Trish’s head immediately under her arm, wrapping her head in a headlock. Lacey knows she’s the underdog in this match and is looking to follow Trish’s advice. She’s going to put it all on the line to win tonight.

The veteran lifts her up and back-body drops Lacey into the mat, dropping her on her head. “I told you to bring your best! Show me what ya got!” She then runs the ropes and then back to Lacey and drops a leg drop. She does this again dropping another leg drop onto Lacey. Lacey is reeling as she gets to her feet.

Trish runs the ropes again and heads to Lacey with a running knee!

No! Lacey ducks it. Trish flew into the air and lands onto the ropes. She’s able to grab onto them to hold herself in place.
Lacey turns around to take advantage of her counter.

Waiting for her moment, and using the momentum of bouncing off the ropes, Trish boomerangs off the ropes and snap kicks Lacey in her head. A mid-air KINSHASHA!

King: “Yikes! That one looked like it hurt big time!”

JR: “The pace is quickening, King!”

Lacey goes down in the center of the ring.

Trish looks to the other BP who are eager to interfere. The only thing stopping them was Lacey’s warning.

Finally, Velvet jumps on the ropes “HEY REF! I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING COME HERE!”

The distraction causes Trish to keep her eyes on both Angelina and Velvet for any funny business. Angelina tries to calm Velvet down, “We don’t need to distract yet! Give her more time!”

Sky ignores Angelina’s request. Angelina circles around the ring, calculating her next move.

Trish heads over to one side of the ring and has the crowd pumped. It’s obvious she’s prepping for the big running knee she’s been using to finish off opponents. Lacey continue to reel as she gets to her feet. Trish launches into her familiar dash. Trish launches into the air and snaps her knee forward in mid-air giving an extra “POW” in her running knee smash into Lacey’s face. A big smack can be heard as the connection is made. Lacey looks unconscious as she lies in the middle of the ring motionless.

JR: “Lacey is out like a light!”

Trish crawls for the cover.

The referee is just about done dealing with Velvet and is ready to return his attention to the match.

Before he does, Velvet grabs the referee and forces a kiss onto him.

Angelina enters the ring on the other side of the ring with a chair. She runs towards Trish with the chair swinging wildly at her. Trish ducks it and bounces off the ropes on the other end and heads towards Angelina.
Angelina swings her chair at the head of Trish.

Miraculously, Trish is able to duck it again, and bounce off the ropes Velvet was kissing the ref on. The velocity of Trish bouncing off the ropes causes Velvet Sky to bounce off the ropes and go flying towards the announce table. Releasing the lip lock she had on the ref.

Trish heads on over to Angelina. Angelina holds the chair up to protect her head.

Trish’s knee comes hailing down onto the steel chair bashing it into Angelina’s head knocking her down hard. The chair goes flying in the air.
Trish’s knee is damaged from the running knee after it connected to the other side of the steel chair. The damage is done as Trish struggles to get to her feet. She falls back down unable to hold herself up. She holds her knee in excruciating pain.

But she feverishly crawls over to Lacey eagerly hoping to hook the leg. She grabs her and pins her.
















Trish just pinned Lacey Von Erich. The ref hands her the title as Trish sits there with the title. The crowd cheers wildly after another successful title defense.

King: “Get out of there Trish while you can! That masked maniac is around, somewhere!”

Trish’s arm is raised by the ref in a seated position. She’s all smiles as the BP lay around the ring and on the outside, down on the floor.
JR: “The coast seems to be clear, King!”

Velvet is on the outside, on her knees. Crying as the title has just slipped through the Beautiful People’s fingers.

Trish is helped to her feet by the ref as she raises the title above her head to delight of the fans.

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  1. Trish squashed all three members of the beautiful people love it. Glad Trish retained can’t wait to see who she will face from the royal rumble match


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