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Angela is in the ring as the crowd cheers her on. She’s going to need their support if she’s going to overcome her opponent tonight. At the other end of the ring is Anna Nystrom. She’s a voluptuous woman who is looking to put the breaks on Angela’s title opportunity. If Angela beats Anna tonight, she gets to face Dolce for the IC title at the Elimination Chamber. Anna isn’t alone tonight. Carrie Underwood is standing in her corner.

Angela has yet to take her eyes off Carrie.

JR: “Hopefully Angela can focus at the task at hand. She’s got an opponent in the ring looking to do some damage to her.”

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Anna rushes a unfocused Angela and goes for a big boot.

Angela shockingly ducks it at the last second.

Anna turns around to catch a impatient Angela. Angela reaches for Anna’s head and gives her a codebreaker.

A piece of spit goes flying out of her mouth.

Carrie looks on stunned. She begins entering the ring and Angela locks eyes with her again. They stare each other down as Angela hooks the leg of Anna.

Carrie grits her teeth as she thinks about what she should do next.














Carrie grabs the hair of Angela as the ref calls for the bell.

Angela begins punching the side of Carrie as Carrie does the same and rains punches on her back.

King: “We got ourselves a brawl right now!”

JR: “Angela did win! She’s going to EC to face Dolce for the title!”

The women brawl as they rain punches onto each other. “You need to give up already, Angela!”

Carrie yells at the top of her lungs.

Angela has rolled over and is on top of Carrie raining punches down on her.

Angela doesn’t realize it but Anna is already stalking her.

Anna grabs Angela by her head and lifts her to her feet. She throws Angela towards the ropes as Angela comes running back to her. Anna connects Angela’s face to her ass with a massive big booty rearview.

Angela goes down motionless from the damage.

JR: “Here we go again. Another assault on poor Angela.”

Dolce walks out the curtain walks confidently to the ring with the IC Title draped over her shoulder.

King: “Gosh! Isn’t she sexy!”

Dolce enters the ring through the bottom rope.

Carrie grabs Angela by her hair to raise her face up towards Dolce. Carrie’s hair is messed up from the battle but she’s enjoying putting Angela in this compromising position.

JR: “Well… whether either of those women like it or not, Angela did win this match via DQ. She’s going to challenge Dolce at EC for the IC Title!”

Dolce doesn’t waste anymore time and straddles Angela’s body in a seated position.

Dolce wraps her legs around Angela’s sweaty body and tilts her head upward using the hair on her head. She lightly pulls her hair causing Angela’s face to innocently point upward at the at mischievous, smaller woman. Dolce then bangs her teeth against Angela’s teeth as Dolce drowns Angela in a massive kiss. She slobbers all over her mouth and face as she makes out with Angela hard. Angela’s eyes glaze over to the back of her head as she continues to fade away from the heavy kiss.

Carrie and Anna are all smiles as they look on.

The crowd boos the trio loudly.

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