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Angelina Love and Velvet are in the locker room. Velvet is hugging and congratulating Angelina Love on not having to qualify for the Elimination Chamber. Angelina Love excited to be taken more seriously in the eyes of management. Both women are full of utter joy.

Lacey enters the scene. She’s visibly upset, “You’re congratulating her for what Velvet?! Doing nothing to earn her spot in the EC!?!? I actually had to bust my ass out there to win my match! I beat the undefeated Anna Jay!”

Like a scared puppy, Velvet gets in line, not wanting to upset Lacey. She regretfully responds to Lacey, “Didn’t Melina help you beat Anna Jay?”


Lacey slaps the taste out of Velvet’s mouth. Drool goes flying out of Velvet’s mouth onto Angelina’s cheek.

Angelina goes to check on Velvet but is immediately halted by Lacey getting in her face. “Don’t for a second think you’re better than me, BITCH! I’m still the alpha of this group whether you like it or not. Don’t forget what I’ve don’t for the Beautiful People! I stopped us from being a joke! Don’t make me smack you back into line too!!”

Angelina Love lowers her head as if she feels embarrassed. She went from being happy and ecstatic to humiliated.

Lacey orders the original BP, “Get my bags and prepare our flights, we’re leaving this horrible town!”

Like Lacey’s lackeys, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky proceed to do as their told.

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