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JR: “King we’re getting treated to a late qualifier match for a spot in the Elimination Chamber tonight!”

King: “I can’t believe, poor Carmella, has been put through the ringer to get a spot in the EC! If she wins tonight’s match, she’ll have to do double duty and perform in the Chamber later in the evening. That’s so unfair!”

JR: “That’s the name of the game, King! She should be glad to be part of such a huge opportunity. Besides, maybe she won’t have to worry about competing twice if she loses tonight. Maybe her opponent tonight will take the burden off of her and compete in both matches tonight!”

King: “Yup, that’ sounds unfair to me, JR!”

Carmella makes her entrance to boos.

JR: “King, we’re getting some breaking news…”

Carmella continues her entrance. Oblivious to the interruption coming from the tron. On the Tron, the camera man can be seen running with his camera to get a glimpse of what’s going on backstage.

There’s an apparent scuffle going on backstage…


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