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Carmella is in the ring looking to the Tron. She seems to be enjoying the backstage chaos going on.

She begins yelling at the staff by the ring. “Give me a mic! I need a mic! Walk it over to me people!”

A staff member enters the ring and hands her one quickly.

“At-A-Boy! Now get out of here!”

The staff member quickly exits the ring.

“Now, as you all know, I’ve been trying to qualify for the damn Elimination Chamber! If Anna Nystrom was suppose to be my opponent, then that’s it! That’s a forfeiture and I should be allowed to enter the Elimination Chamber! This is my third qualifier match! Enough is enough! I’m in the Chamber! Because I’m Mella Money baby!”

The crowd boos her.


Carmella begins exiting the ring when her opponent makes her way out.

Scarlett Bordeaux walks out the entrance curtain. She looks devilish as she gleefully eyes Carmella in the ring.

JR: “Scarlett had an impressive performance in the Rumble, King! This is an incredible opportunity for her to be in the qualifier. Unbelievable!”




Scarlett makes a ‘B-line’ towards the ring.

Carmella drops the mic. “You want some of this?! Get in here and I’ll make this quick!”

Scarlett enters the ring and fast approaches Carmella.

The much more veteran superstar kicks Scarlett in her mid-section as Scarlett doubles over. Cockily, Carmella gloats before the crowd. “I’m the main bitch here, baby!”

Scarlett grabs Carmella in a suplex position and spins her around for a spinning Fisherman suplex.

JR: “Good Lord! Scarlett just caught Carmella out of nowhere!”

Scarlett makes the cover.

And this one’s over.

JR: “Scarlett has just pinned Carmella and has earned a spot in the Chamber later tonight! Unbelievable!”

King: “The Chamber tonight will feature, Scarlett joining, bombastic Nikki Bella, Little Miss Bliss, two members of the Beautiful People, Lacey Von Erich and Angelina, and the WWE Champion, who’ve we haven’t seen since the Rumble, Trish Stratus!”

The crowd is stunned but applauding an impressive performance tonight from this new-comer. 

The Titan Tron immediately changes displays. The screen showed Scarlett picking up an impressive win over Carmella but it now shows the dressing room. Referees, the medical staff and Carrie are shown checking on Anna Nystrom.

To be continued…

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