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Angelina is resting on a steel chair. She has her chin resting on the seat of the chair. The cold feel of steel won’t be the coldest thing she feels tonight.

She’s starting to regain consciousness after completely blacking out from the Sister Abigail. She feels some unknown pressure on the top of her head. Pressing her chin onto the steel chair. What is that?

Angelina suddenly comes to her senses. And looks up, from the seating point, of the steel chair. She sees a sexy leg bent over her head. Above her the pressure she was feeling at the top of her head is clear to her now. Scarlett is resting her naked foot over the top of Angelina’s head. As if to show dominance over her defeated foe.

Scarlett looks down on Angelina’s head. Almost waiting for this moment to come. Scarlett was waiting for Angelina to be aware of her situation before inserting her big juicy toe into the mouth of Angelina.

Scarlett lifts her leg off of her defeated foe’s head and lowers it. She then snaps forward, and kicks the front of Angelina’s head.

It’s a perfect kick.

It’s such a perfect kick in the head of Angelina… it makes her submissive. Angelina is going to do whatever this attacker wants… so that she can stop hitting her. She’s dazed and submissive.

Angelina is opening her mouth, just willing to take anything into her mouth. She feels like she’s a baby, just reaching outward trying to blindly suck on something.

Instinctively, she knows that it’s time. She lowers her naked foot. She lowers it as slow as how the ‘Hell In A Cell-cage’ feels like… when it is lowering.

Scarlett has Angelina right where she wants her. She lowers her big toe into the mouth of the veteran Angelina.

Angelina has had a heck of a career and most of the times she’s the one humiliating someone in the ring. She usually has her friends humiliating a Brandi Rhodes, or an Angela. However, tonight she’s sucking a rookie’s big toe. And her to make matters worse. It’s because of her dearest friend she’s this low in her career.

Like a baby kitten finding the nipple of its mother. Angelina eagerly accepts Scarlett’s big toe into her mouth.

She eagerly sucks Scarlett’s toe like a baby kitten needing milk. Angelina just instantly feels like ‘everything is going to be OK, now.’ Like Angelina has given herself away.

If I suck this, I’m giving myself away… and the pain will stop.

Angelina eagerly sucks the toe of Scarlett. Scarlett sticks her tongue out. Just loving the feeding frenzy going on between Angelina’s mouth and her toe.

Scarlett kicks Angelina’s mouth away in disgust, “Oh! I LOVE IT!” She playfully enjoys.

Angelina falls into a cradle like position and shivers on the ground. Not fully comprehending what she’s done.

Scarlett raises her arms in victory. Feeling satisfied.

She celebrates a major victory tonight.

JR: “Angelina may not be aware. But eventually she’s going to realize. That she sucked a toe. A rookie’s toe!”

King: “JR! Don’t forget… the main event tonight is KELLY KELLY vs. LITA!”

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