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Carrie is checking on her buddy, Anna Nystrom.

Anna is also surrounded by referees and medical staff checking on her.

“Golly! What the heck happened Anna?!” Carrie questions.

It’s clear Anna isn’t conscious enough to respond. One of the medical staff team members responds for Anna. “The Bellas jumped her, Carrie!”

“Why the heck would they attack her like this?!” Carrie looks around stunned.

The same staff member responds, “We don’t know Carrie, but the Bella’s jumped her. She seems like she’s going to be fine, but we’re going to take her to the hospital just to make sure she’s alright.”

Carrie looks flustered, “Ugh, Dolce has an IC Title match tonight! Ok, I’m going to tell Dolce. This was so uncalled for! Dolce is going to be so upset. Please take care of Anna.” Carrie pleads.

Carrie turns to exit the room.

She leaves the room and shuts the door behind her. In the corner of her eye, someone is waiting for her outside the room. Unable to fully see who it is, she turns her head to see who exactly is waiting for her.

“Hey buddy…” The patient woman tells Carrie as she closes in on her.

Carrie recognizes her arch nemesis immediately.

Brandi Rhodes grabs Carrie by the back of her head and slams her into a wall and begins wailing away at her.

“Let Angela have a fair one-on-one match for once you annoying prick!” Brandi yells at Carrie as she stomps away at Carrie. “I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU OUT THERE!” Brandi continues to beat the hell out of Carrie as referees begin intervening.

The damage has been clearly done, as Carrie’s been laid out.

The referees separate Brandi Rhodes from the scene.

JR: “Brandi and the Bellas just took out Dolce’s crew! Dolce is going to be on her own tonight!”

The crowd is cheering these recent developments.

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