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The veteran Lacey is in the ring with Scarlett and the referee, Kelly Kelly.

Nikki, Trish, Angelina, and Alexa are in their pods.

Lacey lifts her hands up expecting Scarlett to reach for it.

Lacey snears at the rookie, as she feels she’s simply better than her.

Scarlett raises her hand to reach Lacey for the ‘test of strength.’

“Rookie mistake!”

Lacey slaps Scarlett with her other hand, causing her to spin. Lacey then clubs Scarlett from behind. She begins kicking the back of Scarlett. The veteran confidently speaks, “Not tonight, kiddo!”

Scarlett crawls to her feet to get back up.

Lacey grabs Scarlett from behind and approaches the turnbuckle, looking to throw Scarlett shoulder first.

Scarlett with a reversal and rises to her feet and throws Lacey head first into the middle turnbuckle. She was aiming to throw Lacey shoulder first into the turnbuckle, but that works too.

Lacey spins around dizzily, throwing punches randomly. Hoping one lands.

Easily, Scarlett takes advantage and grabs her setting her up for a twisting fisherman’s suplex.

Suddenly the lights begin going on and off. An indication that one of the pods is opening.

Kelly eyes Trish’s pod expecting it to open.

Instead, Angelina’s pod opens.

Kelly takes her eyes off the champ and turns her back on her, showing her some ass. An obvious, lack of respect.

Angelina rushes into the ring as Scarlett connects with a twisting fisherman’s suplex.

As Angelina fast approaches Scarlett, Scarlett gets to her feet just as quickly.  Scarlett lowers the top rope as Angelina’s own momentum causes her to go flying over the top rope. Angelina slams hard onto the steel grading outside the ring.

Scarlett dives onto Lacey for a quick pin.






Kelly just made a fast count. Lacey has been eliminated.

JR: “I can’t believe Lacey was just eliminated by the one person she didn’t want the BP to be eliminated by! She made a point about this while talking to her team backstage!”

Scarlett eyes Kelly suspiciously the fast count is obviously a bizarre move.

Angelina rushes in and grabs Scarlett from behind. She lifts her up and back body drops her into the ring. She follow up by pulling her back up to her feet.

She shimmies her under her armpit and sets her up for Break-A-Bitch.

Reversal, Scarlett reverses her body over and lifts Angelina up for a northern lights suplex and connects.

JR: “Great counter into a pinning combination!”

Kelly drops down and counts quick once again,





King: “What’s with Kelly and these quick counts?!



Kick out by Angelina.

Scarlett begins lifting Angelina up by her head. She has her eyes set on Kelly more than Angelina.

Angelina takes advantage of the distraction and Samoan drops Scarlett on her back. Her head hitting the ring hard.

She makes for a cover and Kelly goes for the count again.



JR: “Again with these quick pin counts! What the heck are you doing Kelly?!”

Scarlett reaches her shoulder upward to break the pin.

The lights flicker again as another entry is due.

Kelly has her eyes set once again on Trish’s pod.

Trish talks trash as they eye each other down, “You want some of this, don’t you?! I hope my pod opens next!”

The spotlight is on Alexa. The crowd cheers for her arrival as she enters the fray.

She heads to the top turnbuckle; However she doesn’t stop there. She continues climbing instead.

Angelina and Scarlett both get to their feet. Angelina runs the ropes and goes for a botox injection.

Scarlett catches her foot instead. She spins her around and catches Angelina with a spinning wheel kick to the mouth of Angelina.

Both women are down.

Alexa has made it to the top of her pod.

The crowd cheers for the extra high risk Alexa is taking. She jumps off and lands a massive Twisted Bliss from the top of the pod. She nails Angelina as the damage affects both women. The legs of Alexa crashing on Scarlett while the brunt of the damage went to Angelina.

King: “Count to one hundred because no one is getting up from that!”

The crowd goes wild.

Alexa crawls and rests her head on Angelina’s rock hard abs. The high risk maneuver hurt Alexa as well.

The guest ref counts it very quick and Angelina is eliminated.

The crowd boos Kelly as she makes the quick pins.

Scarlett and Alexa are both rising to their feet. The match is taking its toll on both of them. They’re both gritting their teeth as they keep their eyes on each other.

JR: “I gotta give credit where credit is due, Scarlett’s is a newbie and the fact that she’s still in this is incredible! She even eliminated Lacey and held her own with Angelina. But it might be a different story engaging little miss Bliss!”

Scarlett charges after Alexa who uses her veteran instincts to duck her.

Scarlett turns around and is grabbed into an arm bar take down. It immediately turns into a crippler crossface.

The crowd likes both women but they’re clearly siding with veteran over the rookie as they cheer the submission maneuver on.

Scarlett reaches for ropes but isn’t quite close enough.

Alexa applies more pressure locking in the hold, “Come on rookie! Tap! I can make you and destroy you!”

Scarlett desperately reaches outward trying to get to the ropes.

She’s fading.

Scarlett has no choice. She taps out.

She’s been eliminated.

Alexa rolls off of Scarlett for her second elimination of the night.

JR: “I think Alexa saw a lot of Lana in Scarlett, King. Scarlett is a rookie and she just got put away by the veteran superstar. Alexa’s protégé, Lana, isn’t so far off from Scarlett. Both of them are rookies in my eyes and they have some things to learn from the crafty Bliss.”

King: “Alexa put the rookie down and Angelina. Very impressive!”

Alexa rises up and rests in the corner holding her stomach. Her opponents, Nikki and Trish, are coming from the pods next.

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      1. I’m glad u see it coming.
        It’s been in development for months. I’ve been sneaking in friction between them and it’s just boiling over.
        The plan was to get to this so. And Madison Rayne was a pawn in getting to this point.

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