S2 5.5 RAW Lacey vs Lana Ref: Kelly Kelly

Lacey, Lana and Kelly are in the ring. The crowd chants their favorite. KELLY! KELLY! KELLY! Kelly rings the bell. Lana yells to the crowd, “STOP CHANTING KELLYS NAME! SHE’S NOT EVEN IN THIS MATCH!” JR: If Lana wants that IC title match, she better focus on this match!” Kelly smiles to the chanting crowd. […]

S2.2.1 RAW Lacey Holds Court

Lacey is backstage holding court amongst the Beautiful People and is addressing her group. Velvet is absent from this meeting. “Ladies, we’re at a crossing point right now. Either we step up our game and get some wins or we’re going to fade away into irrelevancy…” Lacey looks down at Madison, “Last week Madison took […]

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