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“Tonight, we’ve got the numbers advantage. We’ve got 2 out of 6 spots in the Chamber. We’re actually the odds-on favorite to win, tonight. Once we eliminate everyone in the Chamber it’ll be just me and you in the chamber and we’ll just let the better woman win. We’ve got this Ang! The biggest insult would be if any of us were eliminated by that rookie, Scarlett! Since she wants to play with the big girls, we’re gonna show her what it’s like to play and take her out! The Beautiful People will be triumphant! We’re bringing respect back to the Beautiful People!” Lacey proclaims.

Lacey is between Angelina and Sky as she goes over her plan with them.

Lacey is quite good at motivating. Velvet is clearly listening to Lacey’s every word; however, the usual motivational speeches aren’t quite ‘hitting home’ for Angelina. Instead, she looks as if she’s not engaged in the matter. Fortunately, for Angelina, Velvet is paying attention.

“We’ve got this, Lace! Tonight, we’re getting back on the race track and getting to the Mania main event!” She motions to Angelina, aware of her lack of interest. “Isn’t that right, Ang!”

“Yea… yes! Let’s win!” Angelina mutters, unenthused. “I’m going to go get ready” Angelina walks off.

The remaining members of the BP whisper amongst each other. “Is it me, Sky? Or do you think Angelina doesn’t care about tonight’s big main event?”

Lacey’s questioning causes Velvet to have flashbacks. The BP lost Madison a few months ago and it was a bad ending for her. Almost instinctively, she whispers back, “No! No no no, Angelina is my friend. She’s not like Madison. She’s just been feeling down lately. She’s going to step up, tonight!” Velvet responds.

“I hope so! Because the last thing we need in the BP is deadweight. The Beautiful People can live on with just you and me Sky.” Lacey ominously tells Velvet.

Lacey walks away.

Velvet is hesitant for a moment. Just thinking things over. She then walks in the direction Angelina left in.

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