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A blonde woman has her head in her hands. She clearly seen better days. At the elimination chamber she was eliminated by a rookie. The rookie she wanted to teach a lesson to. She feels humiliated. How can she show her face after such an embarrassing loss. She feels inadequate and unsure of herself. After coming across so confident for so long; Lacey is full of self-doubt.

Angelina and Velvet enter the scene. “Hey champ, are you still thinking about losing to that rookie last night?” Angelina jokes.

Lacey flashes a dirty look at her subordinate.

Velvet makes sure that Lacey doesn’t see her but she nudge Angelina with her elbow. “Hey knock it off!” Velvet whispers to Angelina.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that the one person she wanted to embarrass out there actually whooped her ass last night! Scarlett eliminated her in the EC!” Angelina continues to joke.

Lacey snaps at Angelina, “Ok, why don’t you go out there and take out Scarlett! Let’s see what ya got Angelina.”

“I will! Watch and learn Lace.” Angelina playfully responds to Lacey.

She then turns around and walks out.

“Hey girl…” Velvet snuggles next to Lacey, “Now that we’re alone, ‘You OK?’”

Lacey snaps upward and walks in the direction Angelina had left in. She completely ignored Velvet’s attempt of consoling her.

Velvet lowers her head in frustration.

JR: “The Beautiful People are going through an identity crises!”

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