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Angelina makes her way out to mixed reaction. Along with her is Velvet and Sky. The once, most formidable group, looks disjointed, as they make they’re way out. They’re all clearly not on the same page anymore.

JR: “Angelina had actually a good showing last night at the EC! She wasn’t expected to make it as far as she did but her outing was certainly impressive to say the least.”


Scarlett makes her way out, holding a mic in her hand. She stops at the top of the stage.

“Angelina, I debuted at the Royal Rumble, and I was invited back to the WWE because I performed well in the match. I was able to make it into the Elimination Chamber because I defeated Carmella. Look at Carmella she’s not even booked for the night!… The point is, I need to win a lot of matches in order for me to keep my spot here in the WWE… If you beat me tonight… I might be gone from this business… like Carmella. Or, if I beat you, I might be able to stick around another week…

…and I have a foot fetish…”

Scarlett stops speaking for a moment and pauses to stare down the trio in the ring. The trio looks baffled by Scarlett’s odd admission. Scarlett continues.

“…Let’s make this interesting… I’m a rookie… I’m definitely going to lose this match to you. The veteran?…


but if I win…”

Scarlett fixates a creepy stare on Angelina. Almost like she feels her lips on her toes already.

“…You make the most out of my time while it last here… You have to suck my toes!”

Angelina immediately shakes her head ‘No! No Way! No deal!’

Lacey addresses Scarlett, “Angelina accepts!”

Velvet and Angelina look horrified.

Lacey drops the mic after making her announcement. She then walks toward the ring ropes and exits the ring. Velvet follows closely behind. She follows Lacey like a lap dog.

JR: “2/3’s of the BP are walking up the ramp.”

Passing Scarlett on the side.

Scarlett smiles widely as they pass her to the back.

JR: “I don’t think Angelina wanted this stipulation! Lacey just agreed to something that Angelina was clearly not on board with.”

King: “She better win! Or else she’s going to suck those sexy toes of Scarlett!”

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