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The camera starts from the floor again.

Except it’s in an office.

The camera follows the long legs of Stephanie. From the dress shoes, up her tanned legs. All the way up to her face.

The creepy camera man makes sure he gets all of Stephanie’s best angles.

He moves the camera upward, passing her plump breast until the camera finally shows her face.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… there’s been a change of plans for tonight!

Tonight’s main event is the contract signing between WWE Champion, Trish Stratus & Royal Rumble winner, Kelly Kelly! Now… someone powerful needs to make sure that the signing event goes without a hitch. It has to be someone powerful, beautiful, and rich! The only woman I can think of…


… me! Of course!…”

The crowd boos Stephanie McMahon. She’s gotten used to hearing all the boos every time she finishes speaking. They’ve never stopped her before, and they’re not going to stop her tonight. She continues with her big announcements.

“…It’ll take place after Kelly’s match against…. IC Champ, Dolce…. Tonight!”

JR: “What?!”

King: “Does that mean Dolce is competing twice tonight?! She’s in the 3 v 3 match tonight already!”

JR: “Trish’s words clearly got to Kelly! Dolce has beaten Kelly! Dolce became IC Champion after defeating Kelly!… But Kelly hasn’t beaten Dolce!”

Stephanie continues addressing the creepy camera. The same camera that had browsed her body, like a creepy, hungry, animal. She continues, “I know I made a 3 v 3 match last week, but I found a suitable replacement for Dolce. It’s up next!”

JR: “Unbelievable! We’re getting a blockbuster show tonight! The big six woman tag team match. The contract signing! And now Kelly vs. Dolce! In a rematch from Survivor Series!”

King: “Wow! I wonder who’s going to be Carrie and Anna’s partner tonight too!”



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