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Melina makes her way out to the usual paparazzi entrance. The cameras never are able to get enough of her. She’s met with a negative reaction from the live crowd.

JR: “Boy, Melina has been waiting for this match. She’s been attacking Anna Jay after each match hoping to bump her from the card. Tonight’s her chance to push Anna Jay out of her way.”

King: “Anna Jay has maintained herself here in the WWE. She had a string of wins and has been able to be featured prominently on RAW. This match could bump her from the card if she loses. Melina is after her spot.”

JR: “This match feels like its driven by jealousy on Melina’s part.”

Anna Jay makes her way out to a positive reaction from the crowd. They’re in clear support of Anna Jay.

JR: “Whomever wins or loses tonight; could hurt their brand, for sure.”

After both women enter the ring the bell rings.

It’s a great thing because Anna Jay couldn’t wait any longer to start the match.

Anna Jay tackles Melina down to the floor. She begins raining down punches onto Melina. Melina covers up and begins kicking away at Anna Jay trying to get her off of her.

Melina is successful as she kicks Anna Jay off of her.

Anna Jay then grabs Melina by her hair and goes to slam her face into the turnbuckle.

Melina with a beautiful reversal, she back body drops Anna Jay onto her head.

Melina then gets up and then comes right back down. She jumps and drops one knee into the face of Anna Jay.

King: “Ouch! Melina with some stiff shots!”

Anna Jay shakes violently from the impact, covering her face.

Melina then heads over to the turnbuckle and hops aboard the second rope.
She allows local paparazzi to take her photos. Melina is never one to miss a photo-op. She jumps and goes for a flying head butt.

Melina nails a beautiful head-butt onto the shoulder of Anna Jay.

Anna Jay shakes on the floor from the bump.

Melina gets to her feet, reaching for the head of Anna Jay.

JR: “Melina may be looking for a exclamation point.”

She begins setting up her weakened opponent for the Sunset Split.

She wraps her leg over the neck of Anna Jay.
What a beautiful shot this would be. Melina thinks to herself.

Melina then poses one for time for the cameras.

Anna Jay then sidesteps Melina. She then rolls up behind her and hops aboard her back.

The weight of Anna Jay causes Melina to fall backwards with Anna Jay still wrapped around her. Anna Jay has locked-in a rear-naked choke. She’s choking Melina out.

JR: “Can Melina escape!”

Melina rolls to the ropes desperately trying to get a hold of the ropes. She reaches outward before her oxygen escapes her. Melina crawls to the ropes with Anna Jay on her back.

King: “Is she going to be able to reach the ropes!”

Melina collapses onto the mat with her face smacking down in the center of the ring. The landing was so stiff one would wonder whether that may have caused a concussion. The drop down was that stiff.

The ref checks on her and lifts her arm in the air.

It falls down.















The ref lifts Melina’s arm a second time.











.The ref lifts up the arm one more time.

And it falls a third time.

The ref grabs Anna Jay and begins trying to get her to release the hold.

The bell  begins ringing to stop the match.

Anna Jay applies more pressure for good measure before releasing Melina.

Anna Jay rises to her feet raising her arm in victory. “This is my spot!” Anna Jay yells at her fallen foe.

She then puts her foot over the fallen carcass of Melina.

JR: “Melina has passed out!”



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