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Backstage Angelina is being tended to by backstage personnel. She was victorious against Lacey. But medical staff still check on each superstar after their matches. Whether they get carried out on a stretcher or not.

Doctors are currently tending to Angelina just to make sure she’s ‘ok.’

Velvet sheepishly enters the room. Despite Velvet aligning with Angelina Love earlier in the evening she’s still worried about how Angelina might feel towards her. Angelina didn’t exactly celebrate with her after her victory. Plus, Angelina is probably still sour from the embarrassment she had to go through on RAW with Scarlett. Velvet has many thoughts on what could be going through Angelina’s head right now.

While the doc checks Angelina’s left eye, she sees Velvet standing at the door.

“Doc, can you give us a second?” Angelina asks the doctor.

The doc turns around to see Velvet and immediately understands. “I’ll check back on you.” And proceeds to leave the room.

“Hey Ang…. Are you ‘OK’?”

Angelina looks upward at Velvet. “I’m great now that you’re here. Did you check on Lacey too?”Angelina is sarcastic with the last line delivered.

Angelina knows Lacey and Velvet are closer than she ever was with Lace. She doesn’t want to play ‘second fiddle’ to Lacey anymore. And despite the stipulation. How can she really be sure that Velvet is ditching Lacey.

She’s probably checking on me after checking on Lacey. It’s a shame it probably won’t work out for us. Lacey just fractured everything!

Coyly, “No… I didn’t… she’s not with the BP anymore… it’s just me and you now…. No Carrie, No Lacie… No Madison… no new members… I’m with you now.” Deep down, Velvet knows Angelina has been the better athlete between the two of them. Hopefully Angelina will still align with her. If Angelina doesn’t. She probably won’t have a spot on the card anymore. After all, it be really awkward to go running back to Lacey at this point.

The Beautiful People have gone through quite a few iterations. Carrie was sort of a member at one point. Madison was in the group for awhile. Lacie took over and did take the BP to new heights.

Madison Reign was part of the team until she was booted from BP, and the WWE, by Lacey.

Despite all the iterations, the constants had always been Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Now, it’s just them in the BP. Everyone else is sort of… gone.

“I was humiliated last week when Scarlett stuck her toe in my mouth. I sucked her toe… and I’m still traumatized by this. You weren’t there for me, Sky. Lacey probably told you to not come out and help me. And you listened to her. Its going to be hard for me to forgive you for that. I don’t know if I really can.” Angelina is clearly getting emotional.

Velvet interjects, “It won’t happen again!”

Velvet comes closer to Angelina. They are within arms distance at this point. “Please… Angelina… I’m with you now…. It won’t happen again!”


Angelina takes a good hard look at Velvet and raises her hand hoping she’d just shut up already. Angelina needs to hear Velvet’s devotion to her. Angelina won’t accept anything less. Otherwise, their partnership will never work.

Say something to me so that I believe you. I need you to have my back no matter what the circumstances are.

“Velvet… I don’t want any new members in the BP. If this is going to work… it has to be just you and I. And you’ll be loyal and have my back every single night! You’ll have my back… no matter what.”

Show me you love me, damn it!

“We don’t need anyone else anymore Ang… it’s just you and me now… I’ve got your back…. I just need you….” Again, Velvet starts thinking about how if Angelina she might very well drop off the card. “…I love you, Ang… I have no one else to help me…. I lose my spot on the card without you…. I need you!”

Feeling like she’s had enough, Angelina reaches for the back of Velvet’s head and pulls her in. She pulls her in for an unexpected kiss.








Why Lesbians And Bi Women Love Britney Spears – INTO

OMG! What am I doing?!

Angelina and Velvet separate for a moment.

Velvet looks clearly confused and so does Angelina.

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      1. Yes that’s the one. Who do you think will win each match? And the winners qualify for a tournament and I’m writing the ones people would like to see from these. Just let me know which ones you would like to see

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      2. Lol she has a real butt in a great shape and her chest isn’t that big. Anna is great I think to underrated


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