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***Sorry guys the original plan was to close this show with the IC title match. Didn’t get a chance to write it yet. So this show is going to close with this post. IC match will have to be moved to N2***

Stephanie and Ashley Graham are in their office unpacking. The interviewer enters the room to ask the big question.

Stephanie and Ashley graham look up at the interviewer to answer him. Stephanie McMahon is first to speak.

“Listen, I’m going to remain bipartisan. This is the big Main Event match tonight and I want to remain natural…. With that in mind, I can still tell you who I’d like to see go deep between Ashley Graham’s ass cheeks. I’d love to see the big idol that everyone in this arena loves, get humiliated. I want to see Trish Stratus get her face gobbled up by Ashley Graham’s ass! The headlines out of Mania would be epic! Trish looses the title and gets a massive face wash from Ashley Graham! I hope Trish looses!”

Ashley Graham adds to Stephanie’s statement, “I couldn’t have put it any better myself. As much as I’d love to stuff Kelly in my ass…. I’d really love to get a hold of Trish Stratus. But if it is Kelly tonight… I’m going to love embarrassing her tonight!… I’m rooting for Kelly!”

Still to come in N2

Lana v Alexa Bliss (I Quit Match)

Carrie Underwood & Anna Nystrom v Angela & Robbie (Robbie returns for one night only; Angela loses, she’s fired)

WWE Champ Trish v. Royal Rumble Winner, Kelly Kelly

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