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An electric crowd welcomes Alexa. The crowd is definitely just as wild as they were for N1. They’re ready for the main event. A beer fueled audience is at hand.

Alexa enters the ring. She’s full of all kinds of nerves but she’s game for tonight. After tonight, its done, Lana.

This is it! Let’s finish this, old friend!

Lana makes her way out to boos. Lana looks like an ice-cold terminator. Expressionless. She power walks to the ring. Not stopping for a moment to take in the grandeur of WrestleMania.

JR: “Lana is working by the hour tonight. She seems like she would have preferred to have the match yesterday already.”

As soon as she enters the ring the match starts.

Alexa and Lana meet in the center of the ring, face-to-face.

Without hesitation, Lana bashes her skull into Alexa’s tiny head.

Lana feels pain but she’s just ignoring it.

Alexa loses her balance and goes falling to the ground.

Ugh, that was a rookie move I just did!

Lana grabs Alexa by her hair and drags her across the ring. She then gets Alexa in a seated position in the middle of the ring. She then begins violently bashing her knee into the head of Alexa. She emotionlessly crushes Alexa’s face while getting some cardio in.

JR: “She’s gonna break her nose!”

Lana suddenly releases the head of Alexa.

Alexa rolls over, dizzy.

Lana exits the ring and looks under the ring. She pulls out a trash can lid with one hand and a chair in the other.

A weaponized-Lana re-enters the ring.

King: “Alexa better get back into this!”

Alexa crawls on the floor of the ring. What the heck just happened?!

Lana drops the steel chair and focuses on the trash can lid. She then begins slamming the lid onto the back of Alexa. She reigns down shot after shot. A good few minutes goes by of just pure hitting. The lid is already bent out of shape.

As soon as Lana realizes the lid’s not gonna work; she then picks up the steel chair.

Alexa is not moving in the ring.

The ref wants to end the damn match already.

JR: “Come on, Lana! Ask if she wants to quit at least!”

The ref tries to get between Lana and Alexa and give Lana the mic; so she can ask.

Lana lifts the chair up. Whether the ref moves or not, she’s going to use the chair. She lifts up and slams it down.

The ref dives out of the way.

Lana then proceeds with slamming the chair onto her back. Chair shot after chair shot rains down onto Alexa.

Welts can be seen forming on the back of Alexa’s toned-back.

King: “I lost count again of how many chair shots it’s been!”

Lana finally throws the chair onto the floor and steals the mic from the ref. Like if he’s not a person she should give two fucks about.

Lana looks down at the fallen teacher. The woman she idolized. The woman who trained her. She continues to show no emotion.

She sits on the back of Alexa and pulls her head upward by the hair. The roots of Alexa’s hair pulls the rest of her head up, off the ground.

Lana yells into the mic, “Do you quit? Do you Quit?! My best friend!?”

She lowers it to the mouth of Alexa, while holding her head up.

Alexa softly responds, out of exhaustion, and very meekly, “I quit… I quit…”

No more! No more! Alexa tells herself.
The ref finally calls for the bell.

Lana releases the head of Alexa, along with the mic and stands tall. “I’m done, I can move on from you now. You and Torrie will not slow me down any longer!”

Lana walks over the shorter woman’s body and exits the ring. She’s like a T-1000. Just as quickly as she exited the ring, she walks up the ramp, emotionless. She clearly doesn’t care about the spectacle that is, WrestleMania.

JR: “That was a statement win right there!”

King: “Alexa is going to have to regroup. The student just surpassed the teacher. Viciously!”





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      1. Lol after this I don’t think Alexa wants anything to do with lana, both are depends on what they are wearing, whens trish vs Kelly lol

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