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Alexa is waiting in gorilla position. Her music is about to play in a few moments for her match.

Tonight she’s facing Lana in an ‘I Quit Match.’ She knew this match was going to be hard. This won’t be like last year. Last year, Alexa Bliss and Lana had a series of matches that Alexa always ‘won’ in. Lana was a rookie then. But now, she’s facing someone she doesn’t recognize. She’s facing a different Lana.

Margot sneaks up behind Alexa.

“Hey Alexa!”

A startled Alexa turns around to face Margot, “Yes, what!? What do you want?!”

“How do you feel about tonight’s, ‘I Quit’ match.” Margot knows she has a tendency to sneak up on people so this confrontational version of Alexa is expected.

Alexa pauses for a moment, almost lost in thought. Maybe it’s because she has a match that moments away or maybe it’s that no one really understands how she feels about tonight’s match. She definitely has mixed emotions about the match with her former friend. The idea of this match is to beat your opponent so bad she can’t handle anymore. Begging your opponent to stop beating you up. It’s quite a task when your opponent is someone you’ve trained and became close with.

“I’m not happy about where me and Lana are tonight, but tonight this needs to end. Tonight, I’m going to beat Lana, she’s going to say ‘I QUIT!’…. and then… I just hope we never cross paths again. After tonight… it really is over.”

Alexa’s music plays to a excited, raucous crowd.

Alexa turns around and marches out the curtain.

“Thank you, Alexa!” Margot hollers.


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