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*Recorded before N1

Lacey and Velvet are approaching the camera. Once they find their pose for the camera they settle-in and focus on the camera.

“Who do we think is gonna win?” Lacey questions the camera.

Lacey and Velvet are having fun with the camera and are talking to each other while looking at the camera. It looks like their recording a sketch for SNL.

“We talked about it, we don’t agree.” Velvet chips in whole still looking at the camera.

“Oh yea, You’re right! Then I’m sticking with what I’ve said before. Because I’ve been in the ring with both… and I don’t think Kelly’s ready… Trish will win.” Lacey claims.

Velvet jumps in, “Nope, it’s time for a change, we need a new leader! Kelly’s been more than ready. Kelly’s gonna win!”

“There you have it… those are our pics, folks. Come on here, let’s go Velve. Let’s go beat Angelina’s ass!”Lacey exits the frame.

Velvet follows closely behind.



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