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Anna Nystrom and Carrie are booed out of the building as the introductions are done.

Angela and Robbie get big pops.

JR: “Boy, if anyone deserved to have this match tonight it’s both Angela and Robbie! They’ve waited a long time for this showdown and well… this has been over a year in the making. Unbelievable!”

King: “If Carrie can pull this off, she’ll have ended both Robbie and Angela’s careers!… Let’s not forget, Angela’s career is on the line!”

JR: “Carrie might not win a lot of matches, King, but she may very well have an already ‘hall of fame’ worthy career already.”

Ding Ding.

Carrie takes her place on the corner, leaving Anna to start this match off.

Angela and Robbie look to be at words with each other, before finally Robbie exits the ring and heads to the corner.
JR: “I think they were debating who starts this match off. You can tell… they both wanted to start the match with Carrie. Not Anna.”

Anna with a running shoulder-like tackle, taking Angela off her feet.  Anna then kneels above the fallen foe, and begins hammering down punches into Angela’s beautiful face.

Robbie is feeling the pressure too right now. She’s been stressing all week over this match. As someone herself, who’s already moved on from the wrestling industry, it’s not great.

After her career ended, she needed to get back to being a reality TV star. She couldn’t do the one thing she loved doing anymore. Wrestling. Robbie misses this. Being in the ring. The Fighting. The Glory. WrestleMania. She’s lucky to be back for one night. If Angela loses tonight, she’ll have to grow up and join Robbie in her miserable life outside the wrestling industry.

Angela must win.

Anna continues to punch away at Angela’s face. Angela seems to be losing consciousness.

In a panic, Robbie is luckily close enough to reach into the ring and grab Anna’s hair. It’s a dirty move for the baby face to pull. But she doesn’t care about heels and babyfaces tonight.

Angela must win.

Robbie grabs the hair of Anna and tugs on it as hard as she can.

“How do you like that?! You phat ass!”

But to her surprise… The crowd cheers this heel move. They agree with Robbie. They want Angela to win too.

JR: “Angela and Robbie can do ‘no wrong.’ The masses are solidly behind them.”

King: “Boy, this is a wild audience!”

The ref yells at Robbie and gets her to release her hair.

Anna yells in a panic and gets to her feet quickly. She’s running and yelling like a frightened child away. Robbie may have pulled roots out of her head. She swings wildly at Carrie and tags her in.

The crowd cheers that Carrie’s finally in the ring. It’s the only way she’s ever going to get her come-uppance.

Anna quickly exits the ring and begins checking her hair, as if she’s been horribly violated.

Robbie desperately reaches into the ring; eager to get a hot tag from Angela. The woman is trying to get to her feet, but she doesn’t look like she knows where she is.

Angela must win! Robbie keeps telling herself.

Angela is close, she’s very close to tagging in Robbie. She reaches upward to get the ‘hot tag.’

Carrie dashes towards Angela’s crawling corpse and jumps in mid air over Angela. She crashes downward onto Angela, crushing her head with her knees. She completely obliterates Angela. Blood spurts out of her mouth in what might have been Angela’s only chance.

King: “Blood! She’s bleeding!”

Realizing the damage that’s been done, Carrie smiles as she gets to her feet, never taking her eyes off Robbie. As she rises, she pulls Angela by her hair, dragging Angela to her feet. She has Angela in a headlock, Angela is barely able to hold herself up.

Carrie mocks Robbie, “Hey Darling! Long time ‘no see!’ How’s life outside of wrestling? Did ya miss me?” Carrie manically laughs into the face of Robbie.

Robbie desperately reaches into the ring, trying to touch Angela. Angela would need to snap back from her daze, but she looks out of it, as blood drops from her bottom lip.

Carrie easily pulls Angela away while still staring Robbie down. “Oh no, you’re not! You’re not getting tagged in, darling. I’m a survivor! I’ve ended careers here! I ended Bayleigh, You, and I’m finishing Angela off in front of YOU! All three of y’all can work for Uber when I’m done with her! HAHAHAHAHa!”

Angela must win! Whatever it takes.

Carrie looks ready to put Angela down her finishing maneuver.

Robbie unbuttons her top and flashes Carrie Underwood. Her breasts exposed as she flashes Carrie along with the world. The crowd snaps pictures, as flash photography goes off throughout the stadium.

King: “Puppies!!!”

Carrie is shocked for what felt like 20 seconds. But then she laughs in Robbie’s face. “Darling, those pebbles aren’t going to distract me! I’m not a lesbian, ya moron!”

“It bought us time” Robbie exhales.

In a last-ditch effort, Angela pushes forward and outstretches her hand towards Robbie.




That small push was all Robbie needed as she gets the hot tag.

JR: “She got the tag! She got the tag!!”

Robbie covers exposed breasts up and enters the ring.

“Wait! Hold on, Darling!” Carrie begs.

Robbie with a Lou Thesz press. She punches away at Carrie.

JR: Robbie’s finally getting her revenge!”

King: “She better take every bit of this moment before it’s gone!”

The ref begins waving off Robbie but she’s ignoring the ref. she continues to instead punch away at Carrie.

“If you don’t get off of her right now I’m calling this match! And your friend is fired!” The referee screams at Robbie, hoping what he’s saying registers with her. He knows she’s full of emotions right now but it could cost her.

JR: “Come on, Robbie! Do it for Angela!”

Angela must win!

Robbie listens to the ref and stops punching Carrie. She sits momentarily over the body of Carrie. Until finally she gets up and gives her a breather. The ref checks on Carrie.

As soon as Robbie gets to her feet, Anna is charging towards her. She swings wildly with a clothesline.

Robbie had it scouted and ducks it. She then waits for Anna to turn around.

Robbie follows up with a kick to Anna’s stomach and grabs her for DDT. Beautifully nailing a ‘Mickie James-like DDT.’

Anna goes rolling out of the ring.

Carrie gets to her feet.

Robbie gets to her feet and kicks Carrie in the gut.

Robbie then does it again to Carrie and ‘Mickie James-like DDT’s’ her.

Robbie with a hook of the leg.





















JR: “She’ got it! Angela keeps her job! What an ending to this feud!”

The referee raises Robbie’s arm in victory. He’s even happy for her win.

King: “Angela is still passed out on the floor. But when she wakes up, she’ll know she’s leaving with the ‘W’ and with her job!”

Robbie is absolutely ecstatic, as she cries in the ring. She’s full of so much joy as she’s visibly shaken by all her emotions. This was the closure she needed on her career. She might not like it. But now she can finally move on.

She drops to her knees to tend to Angela. “We did it Ang! We finally did it!” She knows Angela probably doesn’t hear her but who cares.

Angela wins!

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    1. This was a feud that went longer than even I thought.
      But it finally wrapped.

      Angela and Robbie needed to get their revenge.
      Carrie needed a partner.
      Anna sort of filled that gap so we can get to this tag match.
      I felt like this was Anna’s tryout.
      We’ll see where she goes in s3


      1. It was a long one lol will we see Robbie again or was this a one and done thing? Interesting can’t wait to see where she goes in season 3

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol ok can’t wait really hope kelly finally wins the championship its been a long long time coming


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