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This is it! Every woman in the locker room would kill to have this spot of the card. This is my moment that lives forever. It’s high stakes high rewards. No more games. Tonight, I’m closing Trish’s cemetery, and she can go get banished to Ashley’s asshole.

Kelly’s mind is racing as she gazes into the monitors from Gorilla Position for her que.

JR: “Up next is the match we’ve all been waiting for, it’s going to be WWE Champion, Trish Stratus going one-on-one with Royal Rumble Winner, Kelly Kelly! It’s finally happening… tonight! I kid you not King, I’ve been waiting for this bout for a long time. They’re careers have paralleled throughout the years. It’s why everyone wants to see these two clash.”

King: “Generations are clashing too here, JR! I can’t tell who’s going to win. Part of me thinks Trish’s time at the top is over, while another part of me thinks Trish doesn’t have an equal, maybe no one is capable of toppling her!”

In the ring is a special guest announcer, Ariande. Ariande has announced before for the organization and this is the first time’s she’s announced since last year’s WrestleMania main event, when she announced for WWE Champion match, Trish Stratus V Undefeated, Torrie Wilson. Although she doesn’t announce regularly, this opportunity for this grand spectacle is something she didn’t want to miss. Trish Stratus vs Kelly Kelly for the first time and for the championship. ‘No way’ she was missing this.

The third big addition to the main event makes her way out. The powerful, Ashley Graham makes her way out to boos. She comes through the curtain in unusual attire, she comes out in lingerie, she’s looking big and sexy. Her ass is hanging out of her underwear and it’s barely able to keep in her booty mass. Despite the booing, many in the audience continue to take flash photography to get a shot of the booty.

JR: “Torrie’s face may very well have made that booty famous last year, King; when it chewed up the blonde bombshell with those meaty cheeks to close Mania!”

Ashley Graham confidently walks over to the time keeper’s area, by the announcer’s chair and JR, where a steel chair awaits her. She parallel parks her ass in the seat and crosses her thick legs, one over the other. She pulls out a miniature fan to fan herself. The long walk down the aisle already created some sweat already. She sits wetly on the steel chair.

Jeez girl, do you have to sweat like that? It’s just a walk down the ramp, lol.

Kelly bounces around up and down trying to shake the jitters off. She’s definitely got butterflies in her stomach for this bout. …I’d rather die than get my face eaten by that ass.

King: “One of these legendary women is going to take the place of that chair after this match is over. One of those beautiful faces is going to get obliterated. It’s like crapping all over the Mona Lisa! I can’t believe these women are putting all this pride on the line!”

The lighting in the arena changes and the upbeat music of Kelly Kelly plays.

Here we go!

Kelly makes her way out to a negative reception. The crowd is still as raunchy as the night before and they’re hollering at the beautiful Kelly Kelly as she walks down the long aisle. Some in the audience are cheering her, as she has naturally built some goodwill with fans over the years.

At least some of you like me. But this is not about any single one of you tonight. I don’t care about any of you tonight. None of you are distracting me from winning. Come to think of it… I might have the edge tonight…. Trish probably cares about what you all think of her. But not me. Not tonight. I’m just going to do what I always do. Wave and smile to those that still love me.

The big smile Kelly’s known for can be seen by even the people in the back row. She’s wearing a two-piece outfit and looks hot as hell. She put a lot of thought into her outfit tonight. She’s well aware that tonight may be the defining moment of her career. If she can pull it off, she’ll live forever in the highlight reels. This is the outfit she’s bringing with her to the history books.

There was never any doubt she was going to look good, no matter what she wore.

Just as she entered the ring, a familiar giggle echos throughout the building and almost chuckles at Kelly’s entrance. Trish’s theme music plays and the crowd goes apeshit.

Yea, they love you alright. You focus on keeping them happy while I focus on winning.

Trish comes out in a hot pink two piece. She even comes out wearing her signature long coat for this hotly anticipated matchup. Again, it’s WrestleMania and it’s about looking good because these moments live forever. It’s her second ‘go-around’ in this main event slot and she made sure to look busty in her attire. She points to the ear-splitting crowd as they drown the arena in cheers.








With one hand she does her familiar pointing to the audience while carrying the WWE Championship in the other hand. The crowd really can’t get enough of her.

I am surprised you chose to wear a retro outfit tonight. It’ll be that much better when I win and we send the crowd home crying instead of happy, tonight Trishy!

Trish makes her way down the long ramp; she stares Kelly down.

You think I’m afraid of you. But I’m not. I need to survive. I must. Keep focusing on flaunting, girl!

As much as Trish has bashed Kelly in recent weeks, she most definitely can’t turn a blind away towards her incredible accomplishments. Kelly is here main-eventing WrestleMania for a reason. Trish has downplayed Kelly’s performance but she knows better than to downplay her too much; or else, she could find herself looking upward at some phat ass. Trish is game for tonight, and is looking to put an exclamation point on Kelly’s hope for the gold.

Trish enters the ring and engages the eager crowd.

Ariande quickly introduces the combatants as she’s eager to see whos’ going to win too. “In this corner of the ring, is the master of the K-2, the Royal Rumble winner, winning from the number one spot, it’s former IC Champion… Kelly Kelly!”

A barrage of boos bounces off the walls of the arena.

Fuck you all too!

Ariande Does her best to raise her voice above the ‘boos, “And her opponent, is the current WWE Champion, if she wins tonight, she’ll have held the title for over a year, an unheard of feat,… it’s Trish Stratus!” Ariande is quick to cover her ears.

Ok, sure. Remind Trish of her big feat. It’ll be that much sweeter when I take it away.

The crowd blows up and cheers for their favorite in the match.

Trish plays to them one more time before relinquishing the championship to the referee. Just before the handoff she does something quite peculiar, she kisses the title before sending it on its way. (maybe it’s the last time?)

King: “Was that a goodbye kiss?!”

One final kiss before it’s mine, Trishy.

Ariande exits the ring…

Ashley Graham watches from the seat from the outside. She tilts to one side of the chair, and it becomes apparent to some in the audience what she’s doing. She lets out a hard fart (PLOW) just to spice up her ass some more.

Ding ding…

This is it! Let’s finally see what you got, Trish!



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  1. WOOT! its go time, go Trish!, yeah great pics great matches, if Trish loses which could happen does she get a rematch in the near future?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I really liked this comment so I’m going to post the next part now. Thanks for reading these posts 😀

      And if Trish loses she’s going to want to be off television for awhile. Because Ashley Graham is going to have her way with the loser lol.
      It’s going to be hard for the loser to show her face for awhile.
      So if she loses, she won’t want a rematch in the near future lol

      Thanks for enjoying the pics.
      The match is going to largely play out through the pics.

      I wanted to post new pics on here and I didn’t want to use pics probably ppl seen already.
      Plus I wanted to try using a lot of pics to tell the story

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It will be hard a few weeks to recover from the humiliation but vengeance will be on her mind and will want a rematch even with Ashley G lol now that would be awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Very interesting to write a Ashley g v trish match. I think this is a must to get to. Eventually.
        The match ending is going to go up today.
        I can’t wait to here what u think of how this match ends.


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