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Trish Stratus is in the ring with a mic in hand and the World Title over her shoulder. She walks around the ring confidently as the crowd continues to make a whole lotta noise.

Trish speaks, “It does feel good to be back in a WWE ring again!”

The crowd noise goes louder.

“As you all know, the WWE returned a few weeks ago, everything returned except,… the WWE Champion!… I want to make this explanation of why I was gone quick… I had to quarantine… I needed to quarantine… I didn’t leave my home… The WWE returned a few weeks ago and I didn’t want to return because I didn’t want to get sick. I watched from home RAW and Clash of Champions,… Kelly handled my Mania opponent, a battle royal was done for my title, my title was about to change hands… I couldn’t take it anymore… I’m back to defend this DAMN TITLE! Stephanie didn’t see me coming… She knew I didn’t want to return… She held a tournament for my title and she didn’t see me coming… I’m here to defend my title!”

Nikki Bella’s music interrupts. She marches out the curtain, “LISTEN UP TRISH! I was on my way to immortality until you came back!!! I was going to finally become the WWE CHAMPION!…”

Nikki continues to powerwalk on down the ramp towards the ring. “…I WAS SO FUCKIN CLOSE…” Nikki stops in front of the ring,


Nikki rushes into the ring.

Nikki with a big forearm blast, bashing Trish in her face.


Before Nikki lets Trish fall down, Nikki grabs Trish by her hair and gives her a second and third quick, devastating forearm smashes in a row. A fourth already for good measure.

The crowd is stunned by this sudden dominance by the challenger.

King: “Trish was introduced the hard way to those devastating forearm smashes!”

Security has swarmed the ring already, like flies on shit, immediately separating Nikki from Trish. Trish is down as referees check on her.

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