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Lana and Alexa are staring at the screen quietly, their watching Torrie’s match and how it just ended. Alexa begins very sternly, “Lana, we lost last night because you invited that…” as she points to the screen Torrie’s on, “to our team. How could you bring her to our team last night! She’s a loser, and a horrible person! And not only that…” she now has her finger dramatically pointing at Lana, “…you helped her give one of the most vile stink-faces to Velvet!!!!”

“She not loser! Alexa, she was hurt from chair from last night. You hit her! I feel bad that she came to help us and you hit her. She’s not loser. Brandi is a loser!” Lana responds.

Alexa snaps back, “Brandi isn’t a loser! When’s the last time she lost a match?! That girl just keeps winning and winning! Torrie just loses and loses!”

She didn’t lose to you…” Lana responds, but puts her hands over her mouth, wishing she didn’t say what she just said.

If Alexa’s eyes could shoot daggers they’d be doing it now, she looks like she wants to smack the taste out of Lana right now.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mea-“ Lana pleads.

“I’ll show you a loser!”

Alexa storms away, exiting the room. She slams the door on the way out.

“Alexa I didn’t mean to upset you!” Lana pleads.

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