3.5 SummerSLam Backstage with Kelly & Margot Robbie

Kelly Kelly Backstage with Margot Robbie

Kelly: “Thank you for coming back here and interviewing me Margot. Last I heard this is how it’s supposed to go down if you want attention. Not hijacking a production truck. Kelly glares at the camera.

Margot: “It sounds like what Nikki said rubbed you the wrong way?”

Kelly: “It did! Nikki is so upset over winning two matches and complaining about not getting attention. Nikki if you want to cause trouble come find me. Because our “just two-win” win streak that we both share needs to end. I’m not booked on tonight show either, but that just means I gotta work hard to get to the next ppv.” Kelly looks on at the camera, “Nikki I get the feeling your my ticket to the next ppv.” Kelly walks off.

Margot: “There you have it folks our two leading ladies are looking to collide it seems.” Back to you Ariande for the main event tonight.

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