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4 Raw Opens with Announcements

JR and King are on commentary…

JR: Folks Trish Stratus will be making an announcement later in the show. We don’t know what it is but she would like to share with you, the viewers, her announcement.

King: “… and not to end things on sour note, the main event tonight will be Carrie and Bayleigh in action against Kelly Kelly and Nikki Bella.”

Ariadna is in the ring: “…Also, to add to that, Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly will face-off at Clash of Champions to determine the number one contender for the world title and…”

Sasha can be seen on the tron sitting on a purple sofa to match her hair… “and let’s not forget the most important matter you three. At Clash of Champions, The Boss, me, Sasha Banks will go up against the future, former champion, Paige!

The crowd reacts nicely as they’re already looking forward to the Clash of Champions. Paige’s music interrupts she walks out determined. She goes just far enough so she can look up at the tron. She’s staring up at the tron to address Paige. Paige noticeably has a microphone in one hand and a pipe in the other.

Paige: “Sasha where the hell are you?!?! We don’t have to wait until the next event to fight let’s do this right now so I can whoop your arse! And maybe just maybe after you wake up from my arse whopping you can explain why you backed-out of fighting Trish last month!” Paige drops the title on the floor and extends her arms to the side gesturing she wants to go right now.

Sasha leans into the camera showing more cleavage, “Lol if you think I’m gonna come out there and fight you while you’re carrying that pipe girl, than your dumber than you look. I wanted to get under your skin last week and I did and guess what? I have a title match against you! Paige you might be champion but don’t forget I’m the boss…” the crowd cheers Sasha on, “… and at Clash of Champions as the boss your about to get evicted from YOUR HOUSE.” Sasha mockingly delivers the last line as a clear swipe at Paige. Sasha smiles to the camera as it goes to black.

Paige is livid as she storms backstage, “I’m gonna get your arse Sasha I’m not playing nice anymore!”

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