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Brandi is backstage with a mic addressing the camera directly, “Torrie Wilson! I don’t know what your problem is but now, I’m your PROBLEM! I’m out of my IC Title match because of you! You screwed me out of my title match! And now I’m issuing you a challenge. I want you one-on-one at Hell in a Cell. I don’t give a damn about your ass-obsessions or that Ashley stuffed your face six inches inside her ass at Mania. I’m going to whoop your ass…”

Torrie attacks Brandi from behind and is punching away at the back of her head, “I told you not to bring that shit up! You Bitch!”

Referees and security swarm the two women breaking them apart.

Brandi is trying to go after Torrie but is being held back, “I’m coming for you Sunday Torrie! You’re washed-up, ASS-FACE!”

“I’m going to make you kiss my ASS Trish-copycat! You’ll see!” Torrie yells, as security pulls her away.

“I want to see you do it! Bring IT! ASS FACE!” Brandi screams.

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