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We begin Monday Night Raw with Robbie in the ring with a mic in hand. She stares at the camera waiting for Raw to start. The light turns red and she recognizes the shows on.

“I’ve been waiting for my turn!… I feel like all I ever do is wait for my turn!… I’m done waiting! A few weeks back I lost my best friend, ANGELA! On Raw a few weeks back Carrie was, “up-in-arms” over Brandi Rhodes. Carrie was watching her back because Brandi wanted to tear her apart. Angela shows up pretending to be Brandi and Carrie brutally assaulted Angela. Carrie looked like a fuckin public murderer stabbing the face of my friend with that damn mic! Angela was hospitalized!”

Robbie stops speaking to regain her composer.

Robbie continues… “Brandi Rhodes… and her MAGIC CHAIR… it really is a magic chair because that chair evened the score with the Beautiful People, and Brandi finally got even with Carrie… it’s my turn to get even with Carrie! I want Carrie! I’ve waited long enough and I’m officially making an announcement… I’m issuing a challenge to…”

The theme music of Robbie’s boss interrupts the announcement. Out comes the billion-dollar princess with her army-of-one by her side, the powerful Ashley Graham.

She clearly looks like she’s in a good mood her familiar grin is etched across her face, “Excuse me Robbie, I have things I need to address… Ladies and Gentlemen, TLC was a complete success! The revenue wwe generated for one night was mind boggling, the audience packed the Georgia Dome with a sold-out crowd!…” Stephanie screeches into the mic, annoying the audience with each screech. “…We even had a new champion crowned at TLC! Ladies and gentlemen, in case you are living under a rock or just don’t have a television because you’re all too poor…” the crowd boos Stephanie… “The phenomenal, Trish Stratus, defeated Paige at TLC!” The crowd boos continue to grow. “Now, I think we can all finally agree it’s time to move forward… There shouldn’t be any talk of Stephanie vs. Paige or any of that nonsense… Ashely completely humiliated Paige and I personally don’t think we’re ever going to see Paige show her face in this ring… I’m sorry… If she even has a face left…” Stephanie and Ashley share a giggle together. Ashley shows her first sign of personality as she can’t help but giggle about what Stephanie had just said. Stephanie continues, “…Yes, Paige is suspended and I don’t think she’s pulling a Brandi and coming back from that!”

Robbie continues to look on from the ramp, irritated for being interrupted but she’s keeping her mouth shut.

Stephanie is very dismissive of Robbie and doesn’t even look at her as she speaks but instead to the audience as she speaks. “Don’t worry Robbie I’m getting to you… I need to make some announcements… At the Royal Rumble Trish Stratus will put her title on the line and faceoff against her mentor, ARIEL!” The crowd cheers. The crowd is hoping for an implosion between Trish and Ariel. “Also at the Royal Rumble I’m putting the entire women’s division on notice… Ashley Graham will debut at the Royal Rumble at number one! Ashley won’t take any prisoners at the Royal Rumble! She’s going to win the Rumble and go onto Wrestlemania to destroy whomever is the champion!”

Robbie glares patiently from the ring.

Stephanie finally locks her eyes on Robbie. “Robbie, I hope I don’t come across as mean but I’m in a really good mood tonight! When I’m in a good I start making big decisions. Now, I understand you’re mad about what happened to Angela… so I want to give you a chance to avenge her. At the Royal Rumble you will go one-on-one with Carrie Underwood!”

Robbie nods her head starting to feel satisfied with Stephanie’s interruption until Stephanie continues on.

“…Robbie, I wasn’t done… Your match with Carrie is a Loser-Leaves-WWE match. You’re both consistent losers and its time for one of you to get the boot. Tonight’s show is already booked so to get you ready for Carrie lets help you better your game. Next week on Raw you’re going to be in a match against the returning, Nikki Bella!”

Robbie looks on worried from the ramp.

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