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JR: “Anna Jay has had problems with Melina lately. Hopefully she can stay focused on the task at hand and work with Alexa to defeat Lana and Torrie.”

King: “Last week on RAW, Lana came back and attacked her mentor, Alexa. Lana has chose Torrie over Alexa. Torrie’s got her back now!”

Alexa is in the ring. She looks unsettled and dissatisfied. Lana attacking her last week must be something she’s still processing in her head.

How could Lana turn her back on me? We’ve always been good with each other. Torrie got between us. She’s ruining our relationship! It’s all Torrie’s fault! This witch has been nothing but bad news since day one! I need to get rid of Torrie once and for all! Maybe then… Lana will understand she doesn’t need that manipulative witch.

Alexa and Anna Jay are in the ring when the titan tron powers on. The screen burst with exceptionally large lighting. It becomes a window into the unpredictable backstage landscape.

On the screen is a woman with her head down, her hair is covering her face like the little girl from the Grudge. Only this time it’s blonde locks, not black hair, covering the front of the head. The woman is clearly in a compromising position as she sits seated in a chair. Her wrists are bound by rope.

As the screen focuses more on the endangered woman, we can see that in addition to her hair covering her face, she’s also blindfolded. She looks like a bank hostage who’s been unconscious for some time.

Alexa and Anna Jay watch the screen, confounded. They came to the ring expecting a match not this eery display.

The gagged woman begins churning. She gains consciousness and looks upward. It’s Torrie Wilson! She comes to life while under a blindfold. She tries looking around. Not realizing she’s been blindfolded.

Torrie feels like she’s been drugged.





Alexa and Anna Jay look at each other confused. Clearly they have no idea what’s going on either.

JR: “What’s happened to Torrie, King!? She’s tied up and clearly doesn’t know where she is?!”

A blonde woman walks up towards the camera. She walks closer and closer to the camera. Torrie doesn’t even know who’s approaching the camera as the figure walks closer and closer.

All that can be seen from the figure is a shadow of an ‘in shape body’ that approaches the camera. Torrie’s screaming under a blind fold.

The shadowed figure sits in front of the camera. It becomes clear who this mystery figure is.

Lana is seated seductively in a chair in front of a distressed Ms. Wilson. She looks confident as she speaks to the camera to address Alexa.

JR: “Whats gotten into Lana?! What happened to the ‘good Russian girl’ we all know and love? The girl who’s trying to up her game.

Alexa and Anna Jay look on at the titan tron. Puzzled by Lana’s unwarranted capture of Torrie Wilson.

“Surprised to see me, best friend?” Lana speaks into the camera.

“My friend, Alexa, we’ve had very up-and-down few months. And I learn from you and Torrie. You both should be world champion! But you both don’t have the killer instinct.” Lana looks seductively at the camera as Torrie looks frightened in the background.

“Lana is that you?!” Torrie screams under a blindfold.

Alexa and Anna Jay look on horrified at the screen. They’re surprised by this dark side of Lana.

Lana continues, “You Alexa, can’t seal the deal and become champion! You always want to follow rules. You can’t win in this business unless you take every opportunity! But you can wrestle very well.” Lana turns her head towards a captured Torrie, “…and you Torrie have no wrestling ability! But you showed me how to be cold and take every opportunity I can take. You taught me what Alexa cannot teach me. I will bring both of your traits together and become world champion!”

Lana turns her head away from Torrie in disgust.

JR “Did Torrie and Alexa create a monster?!”

“I’m going to be champion by combining both you and Torrie into one!” Lana emphatically states. “Both your teachings are in my head now and I will be champion cuz of both of you!”

Lana turns uncaringly towards her captured mentor. I will destroy Torrie one-on-one at EC! While you Alexa fight for gold opportunity and you will lose. Like you always do. Then I’m going to finish you, Alexa!; I’ll show you that I’ve used Torrie for all that I need her for. And put her out of her misery!” Lana doesn’t stumble in her statement. “I will crush Torrie at EC! And you, my friend, Alexa, you will be next!” Lana smiles to the camera as it goes static.

Anna Jay checks on Alexa. As Alexa looks down, Obviously shooken up by Lana’s words. “That’s not my friend anymore.” Alexa solemnly whispers to herself.




The ref begins the count of 10.

King: “Torrie and Lana need to get to the ring or risk being counted out.”

JR: “I don’t think we’re getting a match tonight, King!”

The ref makes a count of 10. Alexa and Anna Jay pick up a victory.

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