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Kelly shows up to the building carrying her bags with her world title.

Margot comes running up to Paige.

Paige you’re first up tonight Stephanie booked you for the first match and Kelly is waiting in the ring for you.

Paige looks at her bewildered, “You’ve got to be fuckin kidding me?!?! I’m the champion! I’m main eventing?”

“This is a two card show and she says that Trish Stratus is on the show. That she needs to book her and the big group battle as the main event! She also says if you don’t get out there in time you forfeit your title!” Margot exclaims.

“No! This needs to end! I can’t be fighting like this!!” Paige drops her things and undresses to her ring gear in front of Margot. “Margot be a darling and take my stuff to my dressing room!” Paige begins running off carrying her title.

Paige hears her music playing as Kelly looks on from the ring.

Stephanie is at the announce table. “If Paige doesn’t make it out here to fight Kelly, she’s forfeiting her title and serving her suspension. She needs to be a fighting champion. But I’ll try to be fair and count slow for her.” Stephanie is confident as she makes her statement. As usual, Ashley Graham is by Stephanie’s side. Stephanie begins her count from the number ten and going backwards.

Kelly circles the ring as she awaits Paige’s arrival.

Paige is rushing through the locker room. She knocks over item after item as she even knocks people down.

Angela is putting and ice pack on Robbie forehead. Robbie is sitting down with her Robbie’s head still is aching from this past Monday. “We’ll get our shot next time Robbie, if we ever are against Paige again we won’t let her trick us again!”

Like a hit and run, Paige runs Angela over ramming her as she bumps into her as she tumbles to the ground rolling over. Robbie falls of the seat she’s sitting on to the floor from the collision.

Stephanie is at a count of 6 by the time Paige makes it just before the entrance way. At the entrance way just before she can go and right before the entrance is Carrie and the Beautiful People. Paige acknowledges there’s trouble ahead. “The fuck is this!”

Carrie smiles, “This entrance is blocked champ. You’ll have to find a detour.”

Paige can now clearly hear Stephanie counting to 4 now from where’s she’s at backstage.

Paige shakes her head. Before making a run towards Carrie and the Beautiful People.

Paige dives right into them.

The four women easily begin getting the upperhand on Paige and begin pummeling her with fists as they circle around her. Paige is stopped right before the curtain to exit. Paige’s music is playing as there’s still an expectation for her to come out.

Kelly continues circling the ring.

Stephanie is counting slow, “Well where at the number 3 now and Paige is always late everyone! That disrespectful bitch is getting what she deserves. Kelly is going to be your new champion by default. Kelly’s just at the right place at the right time it looks like huh JR?”

Brandi Rhodes is with a steel chair and she begins smashing it against the backs of the Beautiful People, starting with Madison!! Carrie looks like she’s seen ghost as she takes off. The rest of the Beautiful People follow suit as she chases them off.

Stephanie looks on in horror at the screen. The horror turns to anger as she just got to the number 2!

JR: “Brandi is booked for the four on four match tonight king! She’s scheduled to team with Ariel’s Angels tonight against the Beautiful People!” Stephanie scowls at JR completely forgetting that she booked Brandi for tonight’s show.

Paige launches through the curtain like a rocket blasting through the entrance. Paige dashes to the ring and jumps into the ring for her match with Kelly.

Stephanie screams from the announce table. The match starts now! No introductions! Go NOW!!

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      1. Not sure. There was a segment on raw where Carrie and company entered Kelly’s locker room. We didn’t see what happened from there. They might have aligned with Kelly from there.

        The next segment will be up later today.


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