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Both women are down on the floor as the ref continues his count, “3….





Kelly is stirring on the outside. She knows she can’t win the title if she doesn’t get back in the ring and break the count.


Paige is still down in recovery mode. She’d gladly take the count out loss right now.


Kelly forces herself to enter the ring and then just rolls right back out to the other side of the ring to break the referees count. Kelly clutches her head from the outside.

The ref restarts his count. Both women still recovering, but stirring now.

At the five count, Kelly heads towards Paige. She grabs Paige by her head and throws her into the ring. Paige rolls into the ring battered from the exchange.

JR: “We’ve never seen Paige in this precarious a situation before king!”

Kelly gets ready for the K-2 as The champion is on her hands and knees now. Paige is drooling from the beatdown she’s been taking. Kelly dashes towards Paige and levels the champion with a K-2 crushing Paige’s face between Kelly’s toned legs and the mat. The drool from Paige’s mouth goes flying over her face as she bounces off the mat.

The crowd is on their feet excited to finally get a new champion!!!

Kelly desperately hooks the leg of Paige looking to dethrone the world champion. In Kelly’s mind, this means she will accomplish her goal of becoming the best in the industry and proving to everyone that told her not to return wrong! Becoming champion to Kelly means she’s more than a pretty face but also that she succeeded truthfully in wrestling and belongs in the discussion of the ‘all-time greatest’ female competitors.

The crowd quickly chants to get their new champion, as Kelly grabs hold of unconscious Paige 1……….2………….. ………


The crowd is so engaged in the match that they didn’t realized that the ref isn’t counting. The audience we’re so loud, eager, and engaged that they didn’t even pay attention to whether the referee was making the pin count! They just saw Kelly pinning and counted out loud.

Kelly looks around stunned to find her referee. The ref is at the ropes with his back towards Kelly. Someone appears to be in front of him.

Kelly is outraged this is her time to become champion! What the hell is the ref doing???!!

JR: “What’s going on there?!?! ….

Nikki Bella is making out with the damn referee king!!!”

Kelly gets off of Paige and walks over to couple making out. Her eyes are popping out of her head because of how close she was to becoming champion. As Kelly gets closer she gets a good look at who’s making out with the referee. The person making out with the referee looks to Kelly and stops kissing the referee and flashes an evil grin.

Kelly realizes that it’s not Nikki that’s smiling back at her.

King: “I know my women JR! That’s Bri!”

Kelly makes a move towards Bri as Bri jumps down from the apron. Bri runs around the ring as Kelly chases her down. The chase spans around the ring until Bri begins running up the ramp towards the entrance way. Kelly has chased Bri away and feels like she’s chased her enough.

Kelly heads back to the ring.

Paige is using the ropes to get to her feet. Kelly approaches Paige in the ring.

Paige delivers a thumb to the eye of Kelly.

Kelly is stunned by the thumb poke.

Paige delivers a PaigeTurner to Kelly.

Paige hooks the leg, praying in her head that this match ends.

1…. Paige holds the leg tight….2…. just one more hit to the ground… and Paige takes this one home with the third slap on the mat by the ref on the canvas.

Paige rolls out of the ring to the time keeper and grabs her title. Paige feverishly rushes out of the arena as the crowd boos. Paige heads out eager to leave.

JR: “My gosh was Kelly close!!!! The demons of her past still haunt her and until she settles things with them she’ll continue to get screwed. Paige survives! It wasn’t a fair outing for her either as Stephanie and company continue to apply pressure on her. A mockery is being made of the title with these interruptions. Paige is right! These things need to stop.

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