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Alexa and Brandi are in the ring. The crowd has dueling chants for both women but the crowd seems to be louder for Brandi.

In Alexa’s corner is her bonus, Lana.

The combatants shake hands to start the match.

JR: “There’s a little bit of history here, King. Brandi was very supportive of Alexa’s return last year. Alexa had taken a brutal stinkface from Torrie last year.”

Alexa with a headlock on the taller woman.

Brandi trips Alexa and shoves her face first into the mat.

Alexa grasps her mouth from that face first smash.

Brandi with a stomp to the back of Alexa’s head, tattooing Alexa’s face into the canvas.

King: “Holy Smokes that was stiff!”

Brandi backs off Alexa giving her a breather.

“Come on Alexa! Get up and crush this bum!” Lana screams from the outside.

JR: “Brandi is in control early on, King.

Brandi bounces off the ropes for a running knee.

Alexa dodges this and perks right back up.
Brandi missed.

Brandi turns around.

Alexa with a codebreaker on Brandi out of nowhere!

Lana jumps in excitement, “Cover her! Cover her!”

Alexa crawls to the fallen opponent, and makes a cover.
















Brandi with a shoulder up.

Lana yells from the outside, “That was three your cheating!! Come on ref!”

Alexa is certainly appreciative of the support Lana is giving her. But she’s certainly sounding a bit obnoxious.

Alexa returns her attention to Brandi and actually steps back. Returning the favor Brandi gave her earlier.

JR: “I told you King, there’s some kind of respect there.”

King: “Respect doesn’t win you matches!”

Lana yells from the outside, “Don’t give her a chance Alexa! Crush her!”

Alexa nods to Lana and begins climbing the ropes her back to Brandi as she makes the climb.

JR: “Alexa may be looking for some Twisted Bliss here folks!”

Alexa makes it to the top rope.

Brandi has Alexa scouted, she throws herself onto the top rope causing Alexa to loose her balance.

“NOOOO, Alexa watch out!!” Lana cries.

Alexa tumbles off the turnbuckle to the ground. Alexa dizzily and urgently makes it to her feet, she knows she can’t let Brandi take advantage any further.

Brandi wallops Alexa with a big Chick Kick to the temple.

Alexa falls like a tree that’s been cut.

King: “Timber!!!”

Lana jumps to the apron to get the ref’s attention.

Brandi makes a cover with a hook of the leg.

The crowd boos heavily.

Brandi finally sees Lana distracting the ref. “WTF!!??”

Brandi gets up off of Alexa to approach Lana.

Lana is smiling as she sees what’s happening behind Brandi now. Lana continues to hold the referees attention.

Behind Brandi is a blonde.

The blonde bombshell spins Brandi around and levels her with a facebuster in the center of the ring.

JR: “Torrie just plastered Brandi’s face into the mat King!”






Torrie puts Alexa over Brandi to make the cover; before she exits the ring.

Lana stops her distraction.

The ref makes the count and this one is over.

Lana enters the ring all smiles.

Torrie enters the ring and yells to Brandi, “I heard you at Clash, you Bitch! Nothing happened at WrestleMania, you bitch! Stop BRINGING THAT SHIT UP!!!!!!”

Lana drags Brandi to the corner turnbuckle, “Crush her with your butt Torrie!”

Torrie nods to Lana approvingly, “YEA! This bitch needs to know that she should never bring that stinkface again!”

Lana goes to check on Alexa to wake her up.

Alexa comes to consciousness.

Torrie is taking off her pants in the ring and getting down to her underwear.

Once Alexa becomes more aware, she sees the busty blonde. Alexa lights up like a firecracker on fourth of July and rockets towards the taller blonde.

Alexa jumps Torrie from behind punching away at her crazily. Torrie exits the ring immediately.

Lana tries to calm the extremely hot, Miss Bliss.

Torrie is retreating now, “This isn’t about you little Trish, this is about that other Trish copycat!!”

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