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Paige is out of breath as she gets to her feet for the match. Kelly heads over to Paige and begins delivering clubs to the back of Paige. Kelly begins jamming her elbow into the back of Paige with each shot.

The crowd begins chanting Kelly. There seems to be an anyone but Paige atmosphere in the air tonight, despite Kelly’s heel tendencies tonight.

Paige is beaten down into the ring. Kelly picks up Paige, who’s still trying to catch her breath. Kelly wraps her arm around Paige’s neck and jumps on her back and wraps her legs around the body of Paige. Kelly locks in the sleeper hold. Paige goes down to the mat easily. Paige is trying to stay in the match as she desperately tries to wriggle towards the ropes. Kelly applies more pressure and squeezes Paige’s neck as much as she can.

Paige rolls onto her belly as Kelly is still locked into Paige’s body squeezing her neck and her body with her arms and legs.

At this point Stephanie drops her headphones and heads to the back with Ashley Graham.

Paige desperately gets to all fours with Kelly wrapped around her back. Paige crawls to the ropes and launches forward trying to grab the ropes. It’s not enough as she falls on her face with Kelly on top of her. She’s moved closer but it wasn’t enough. Paige’s face turns from pasty white to red as her eyes are bloodshot now as the oxygen from her body escapes her. Paige rolls onto her back, Kelly’s back since she’s wrapped around her. Paige rolls to the ropes as she finally grabs hold. Kelly backs off Paige as she rolls off of her. Kelly gets to the corner and begins eying Paige for a K-2. Paige coughing as she attempts to regain her composure, unaware of what Kelly has planned for her.

Like a veteran, Paige rolls out of the ring to gain some more time.

Kelly, swears in the ring realizing she fucked that one up.

Kelly rolls to the outside and walks towards Paige.

Paige is down on the ground still coughing from the sleeper. Kelly removes the mat from the floor exposing concrete on the outside.

King: “You can tell Kelly wants to win tonight! Kelly seems like she’s willing to do anything to win right now! She’s doing the right thing!”

JR: “Kelly wants to win king, she’s hungry!”

 After Kelly has removed the padding, she tosses it to the side. She grabs Paige by her hair and positions Paige’s head under her armpit. Kelly is sweating at this point as she prepares to knock Paige out. Suddenly, in perfect positioning, Paige quickly nails a Paige Turner onto Kelly landing Kelly right on her back onto the concrete flooring!

JR: “Paige just rebounded from this predicament with a slam dunk!”

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      1. This is Kelly’s first and only time she was cheated out of the title.
        At Hell in a Cell Nikki took a pinfall loss. Kelly lost that match fair and square.

        Like I said, I’m following what I had planned for this. Don’t want to change course because then I’ll have to rethink everything I have planned upcoming.

        Lastly, the real fun is in the journey not the end result. There are set backs here and there but I wanted to make them logical. There are plans in play for Kelly. 🙂


      2. Her momentum and buildup was to get her to the top of the card. She’s established and is featured weekly. She’s not like a Robbie who’s used when needed.
        Writing for a baby face that gets it all; beats everyone, undefeated, becomes champ. Just isn’t compelling. It was a screwy finish because she was meant to be protected. Not everyone can be champion so she’s positioned in a way where she has a story and has a goal.

        As far as Paige being featured it’s suppose to be. Everyone wants to dethrone her, everyone after her is in chase mode, and she’s the champion. If the show wasn’t about the champ then that’d be odd.

        It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon.


      3. Nope not saying that at all. I’m saying someone will dethrone Paige and I didn’t intend on it being Kelly. So since I have someone in mind she obviously needs to wait. She has a path to gold that will be met in the future. In the meantime she’ll continue having a storyline till she gets there.


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