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Paige makes her way out to the ring. Ariel is in the ring waiting on Paige to get to the ring.

Paige enters the ring. Paige isn’t thrilled to share the ring with Ariel again.

Ariel is first to start, “Here we are Paige. We’re finally here together again, its been a few months.”

Paige knows Ariel plays mind games so she wants to play some with her, “I was hoping I wouldn’t see you again after putting you in that casket. Maybe our last match should have been a “Stake” match instead huh? Those kill vampires right?” Paige sarcastically responds.

Ariel changes the subject, “Paige, I know what you’re thinking.”

Paige continues to listen, amused.

“You’ve been in the ring with Trish before. And you put her down. Twice. Just like every other girl that has ever challenged her since she’s returned. The thing is… that’s not going to happen anymore. Did you see what happened at Survivor Series? Once that collar came off my pet, she was unleashed. All of the beautiful People went down one by one so dominantly. Trish is young now and in her prime. You’re stepping into the ring with that beautiful beast!” Ariel is oozing confidence right now.

Paige interjects, “Can I talk now? Yes I can?… Ok…. Ariel I wasn’t scared of Trish before and I’m not afraid of Trish now. In fact, I’m glad you brought back this version of Trish. I can’t wait to prove to the world, definitively, that I’m superior to her. Let me tell you one more thing. Trish is a speedbump, just like you were, you’re both speedbumps on my way to getting my hands on Stephanie McMahon!”

 Ariel smiles, “I’m warning you, if you take Trish lightly…”

Paige aggravated now, “I won’t take her lightly dear, I’m a tactician. I’ll measure her in that ring… and then I’m putting Trish down!” Paige signs the contract.

Trish enters the ring behind Paige, Paige turns around feeling like someone’s behind her. Trish Chick Kicks Paige’s head. Paige goes down to the mat.

Ariel continues to smile, and hands the contract to Trish. Trish signs the contract and gives it to Ariel.

Trish picks up the mic that Paige is no longer carrying.

The crowd is surprised to see Trish attempt to speak for herself. Even Ariel is somewhat surprised by this.

Trish looks down on the fallen Paige as she addresses her. “They tell me you beat me Paige, twice. You mounted me and pounded my face in at one point. Until you got tired of hitting me. You beat me so easily before… At TLC Paige, I’m not the speed bump… I’m the roadblock. I’m the car accident you survive!”

Trish drops the mic onto Paige.

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