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Brandi Rhodes is in the ring waiting on Carrie to get to the ring she’s like a female lion ready to pounce. Carrie has a chair in hand on her way to the ring. Carrie hesitantly enters the ring. The ref calls for the bell.

Brandi charges towards Carrie. Carrie holds up the chair for protection. Brandi with a big running boot to the chair. The chair snaps out of Carrie’s hands and into the face of Carrie.

The crowd gasps as Carrie’s obliterated into the corner. The chair is still resting on Carrie. Brandi begins stomping on the chair pressed against the corpse of Carrie. Brandi angrily stomps the chair into Carrie’s body. Bruising Carrie’s bones. The ref throws himself onto Carrie to stop the match.

The crowd cheers the quick victory Brandi has taken over Carrie. Brandi grabs the ref and throws him to the side. She grabs the chair and throws it to the middle of the ring.

Finally, she takes hold of Carrie she sets Carrie up in the middle of the ring.

She performs the signature point to the crowd and delivers Stratusfaction onto the steel chair. Carrie’s face is badly smashed into the steel chair. Carrie lays there like roadkill.

Brandi gets to her feet and poses. Brandi poses with her boot atop the back of Carrie’s head. Brandi one more time, stomps the back of Carrie’s head stapling her face to the steel chair.

The crowd cheers Brandi on and follows-up with a Brandi! Chant.

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