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Alexa is in the ring with a mic. “Let’s keep this short and sweet, like me!” A little giggle from Alexa. “Who’s next?” Alexa tosses the mic.

Lana makes her way out.

Alexa looks on from the ring a little puzzled. Alexa shrugs her shoulders and begins warming up in the ring.

Lana gets into the ring carrying her Russian Flag. She puts it in the corner and gets ready for the bell.

Alexa goes to shake Lana’s hand. Lana just turns head while Alexa’s hand is extended to her. Alexa backs off.

The bell rings.

Lana signals for a strength test with Alexa by raising her hand up for Alexa to reach. Alexa runs towards Lana and gives Lana low drop-kick against Lana’s knee. Lana goes flipping in mid-air and flips onto her back on the floor. Alexa goes for a sleeper-hold on Lana.

Lana reaches outward grasping for the ropes.

The crowd cheers Alexa on.

Lana begins getting to her feet.

King: “Do you realize how their last matched ended JR?!”

JR: “Yes, Lana had an early sleeper-hold locked on Alexa last time! Alexa had connected with a chin-breaker that changed the complexion of the match.”

Lana is to her feet and reaches around Alexa’s head. Lana is trying to get a chin breaker going.

Alexa releases the sleeper-hold she had on Lana.

Lana is kind of in shock as she just stubbles forward while Alexa is still behind her. Alexa climbs the body of Lana, like a monkey climbing a tree until she gets to the top.

Alexa is sitting atop Lana’s shoulders and falls forward luchadora style. She connects with a victory roll.









Lana forces Alexa off of her after being pinned and Alexa rolls out of the ring. The referee chases after Alexa to raise her hand in victory.

Lana looks on from the ring on all fours. Lana bangs the floor like spoiled kid. Unhappy to have lost again.

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