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Bri is in the ring with Velvet. Angelina and Madison are by the apron in Velvet’s corner.

The bell rings and the match is underway.

Velvet swings wildly with a right hand… that misses.

Brie ducks the right hand and uppercuts Velvet with a right hand upward into Sky’s chin. Velvet is lifted into the air with that blow and is now on the ground.

Bri drops an elbow drop onto Velvet and lands it perfectly.

Bri covers along with the elbow drop.

The ref makes the count of three to end this match.

Angelina and Madison quickly enter the ring. But stop when they hear the music of Nikki Bella interrupt. Nikki stands at the stage. She didn’t come out dancing like usual. Instead she stands there staring from the stage seeing what Angelina and Madsion wanna do next.

Bri looks up at Madison and Angelina laughing at how they’re not doing anything now. Despite how they came running into the ring like they were going to attack her.

Bri responds to her potential attackers with glee, “Don’t you know anything? My theme song says it all.” Bri sings to her tune, “You can look but you can’t touch.” Bri continues, “The numbers game doesn’t work against the Bellas sweet hearts!” Bri rolls out of the ring and up the ramp towards Nikki. They meet at the stage for a hug.

The Beautiful People regroup in the ring.

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