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14 RAW Main Event Ariel and Trish Stratus Close Raw Part 2

“…Oh yes… now I remember where I was… Trish I accept your challenge and we will fight at the Royal Rumble for the championship…. You agree, right Trish?”

Ariel shoves the mic downward into Trish’s face. Trish gets on the mic, “Yes, Mistress Ariel, I agree to putting my title on the line against you at the Royal Rumble.

Brandi’s theme music plays as she heads out.

Brandi marches over to the ring and enters the ring. “I’m sick of this! I’m sick of you! I’m sick of what you’re doing to Trish!”

The crowd erupts with thunderous cheers.

Ariel looks upward at Brandi as she continues to sit on Trish’s back.

“Trish Stratus I idolized you! I’ve been using Stratusfaction and the Chick Kick to win all my matches! You inspired me Trish! But now look at you! The once great Trish is Ariel’s bitch! I want this to stop because this makes me absolutely sick!”

It was hard to see it initially but Ariel has just suddenly realized that Brandi has brought the bloodied chair that destroyed the Beautiful People and Carrie with her.

Brandi attempts to swing the chair at Ariel but stops in mid swing.

Ariel had jumped off of Trish and dashes out of the ring.

Trish was now standing in front of Brandi. Trish was the reason Brandi had stopped mid swing.

Brandi mouths off to Trish off mic. “That’s strike one Trish! You’re flushing your legacy down the toilet. If you lay down for Ariel at the Royal Rumble you’re pathetic. Not that your not already!”

Ariel calls for Trish to come out of the ring with her. Trish lowers her head  as she heads outside of the ring. Brandi trash talks Trish off mic as Trish exits the ring.

Ariel and Trish leave up the ramp as Brandi continues to address Ariel and Trish on mic now, “I’m sick of that humiliating crap Ariel! I don’t like it! I’m putting an end to it! This bloody CHAIR makes everything even! Ask Angelina! Ask Madison! Ask Velvet! Ask CARRIE!”

It fades to black as the crowd cheers Brandi Rhodes on.

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