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JR: “We’re back from the break king. Ariel is in the ring with Trish Stratus!”

Trish Stratus is on all fours in the ring. Her arms and legs are tense as she holds what’s resting on her back.

Ariel is seated in the ring comfortably.

Her chair is Trish Stratus.

Ariel is sitting her ass over Trish’s back. Her legs are resting atop the shoulders of Trish. Trish’s head is facing downward as she focuses on holding Ariel. Trish’s head is between Ariel’s legs.





Ariel smiles as the crowd begins to loudly boo. Ariel enjoys the boos from the audience as it just continues to grow and grow. The championship is wrapped around Ariel’s waste. Ariel begins addressing the crowd, mockingly, “Trish Stratus… I accept your challenge and will face you at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship!” Ariel laughs maniacally as the crowd has now become raucous. “You will lay down before me at the Royal Rumble and I will pin you 1…2…”





Torrie Wilson comes out.

King: “We haven’t seen Torrie since she walked away from Ariel during the Margot Robbie and Trish Stratus interview.”

Torrie gets on the mic, “Mistress Ariel, is it my turn to get what I want now? Your chosen one…” Torrie uses her fingers to mock that Trish is the chosen one. “…brought you back the title… you’re on your way to becoming champion at the Royal Rumble… All I’ve wanted since coming back was for Trish’s sweet face and my ass to kiss. For me to absolutely wreck that beautiful face that’s alluded my ass. Its destiny! That perfect face needs to have sex with my damn butt!”

Ariel is annoyed by Torrie, “Torrie… am I the WWE Champion? I’m not. Frankly, I don’t need you anymore. I wanted you to bring me my title. And you didn’t. I made you young and beautiful to go and get it for me. You didn’t do what I requested. I’m not here to grant you wishes. Maybe you can ask me after I become champion. Just go away.”

Torrie is disgruntled. Torrie furiously heads to the back.

Ariel continues addressing the crowd, “now… where was I…”

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