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Ariel is seen backstage handing Trish paperwork. Trish is nodding in agreement. Ariel addresses Trish inaudibly before Trish finally begins walking towards the door and heads out of the room.

JR: “Trish seems to be carrying the contract, King.”

Trish is walking down the hall with the camera man right behind her. Trish turns the corner and runs into Margot Robbie.




“OMG Trish! Hi! How are you?”

Trish is rolling her eyes that’s she run into Margot. Trish speaks, “Are you done?”

Margot has always been a big fan of Trish growing up. Margot is still excited to be talking to her. “Trish I’ve been such a big fan of you growing up. You were a pioneer!…”

Trish stands there waiting for Margot to get out of her way.

“…oh and congratulations for defeating Paige! It was amazing to see you put her away with that running knee. When you returned last year you said you were going to take the title off of Paige and you did it! You did it fair and square!”

Trish is standing there patiently. She’s listening to what Margot is saying now. A small part of her liked what Margot was saying. But she needs to get to Ashley Graham to give her the contact. Trish continues to give Margot attitude as Margot speaks.

Margot begins slowing down as she speaks, losing her enthusiasm. She sees Trish isn’t responsive to her, “…Well, I didn’t mean to hold you up, Trish. I’ll stop… I know you’re probably busy with…” Margot moved out of Trish’s path. Immediately, Trish walks right past her.

Margot quips to herself, “…well… I guess I’ll see you later then.”

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