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Alexa Bliss is in the ring for her next challenge. Alexa has a mic in hand, “Let’s get some new blood in this challenge this week!”

Alexa is pacing the ring.

The Beautiful People make their way out. Angelina is at the front of the group as she heads towards the ring. Madison and Sky are hyping up Angelina to get her motivated.

Angelina enters the ring.

Angelina rushes over to Alexa, looking for a clothesline. Alexa with a low dropkick to the knee of Angelina.

Angelina goes tumbling to the ground. Her chin hits the bottom turnbuckle in the corner.

Angelina turns around on the turnbuckle so she’s not in an uncomfortable position. Angelina is resting on the bottom turnbuckle.
Alexa is quick and approaches Angelina with Angry Stomps. Alexa is stomping a mudhole in Angelina. The crowd is cheering Alexa on as the ref wedges himself between Alexa and Angelina. Alexa backs off as the ref finally separates them.

Alexa goes running towards Angelina and delivers double running knees to the shoulders of Angelina. Angelina welps in pain as she gets on all fours now in the middle of the ring.

The referee is now in Angelina’s face to check up on her.

Alexa runs to the ropes and then back towards Angelina. Alexa jumps in mid-air to drop a quick leg drop on the back of Angelina’s head.

Angelina’s head bounces off the mat as she’s now laying on her back in the center of the ring. Alexa heads over to the ropes and is climbing the ropes in search of “Twisted Bliss.”

Alexa makes it to the top when suddenly… She can feel a hand push her from her butt from off of the top rope. Madison had pushed Alexa off the top rope for the blatant DQ.

Alexa goes tumbling to the mat.

Sky is now on top of Alexa like a pitbull punching away at Alexa. Alexa is trying to block the punches. Madison enters the ring to cheer Velvet on.

Lana makes her entrance. Lana has her Russian flag with her as she runs to the ring.

Madison warns Sky of Lana coming down the ramp.

Sky and Madison jump out of the ring and take Angelina with them to clear themselves from the ring.

Lana clears the ring with her Russian flag as a weapon. Alexa looks on from the mat in fear Lana’s gonna attack her with the flag.

The Beautiful People yell from afar for Lana to attack Alexa with the flag.

Lana doesn’t attack Alexa with the flag.

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