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Trish opens a door and encounters a woman who looks like she’s just got out of the shower. The woman is wrapped in a towel. The woman in the towel approaches Trish Stratus. The woman doesn’t seem to be happy to see Trish.

Trish stops in her tracks and waits for the toweled woman to get out of her way. Trish knows this woman has an “ear-full” to give her. Trish knows this woman wants to talk to her.

“Is that the contract Trish?” Brandi asks.






Trish doesn’t speak.

Brandi smiles the kind of smile that says, “of course that’s the contract.”

Brandi addresses Trish, “I meant what I said last week. You’re a sellout and you’re pathetic now. You giving Ashley that contract validates that you sold-out!”

Like earlier with Margot Robbie, Trish is listening to what Brandi is saying, but is visibly annoyed.  

“…Oh, am I wasting my time?? Let me get out of your way then!!” Brandi gets in Trish’s face, “Go throw away your career! …I’ll see you soon…”

Trish looks into the eyes of Brandi. She now taking Brandi more seriously. Brandi is in her face and just threatened her.

“…I’ll see you later because… I’m going to win the Royal Rumble!…

I’m going to take the title from Ariel at Mania!

Then… after she takes you’re leash off… I’m gonna whoop your ass too!!!!”

Brandi steps out of Trish’s path.

Trish marches onward.

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    1. I think Stephanie can appreciate Carrie’s desire to screw ppl over to keep her job.
      Robbie vs Nikki is still scheduled and coming up later.
      And Robbie vs Carrie is still scheduled to take place.
      Robbie signed a contract stating that if she shows up at the royal rumble Carrie is suing her for everything.

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