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JR: “Ladies and Gentlemen, last night’s Elimination Chamber was one for the books and the stage is finally set for Mania. WWE Champion Trish Stratus will go one-on-one with Royal Rumble winner, Kelly Kelly! This match has been eagerly anticipated for quite some time and it’s finally going to…”


The heavy bass music of Nikki Bella blasts through the speakers interrupting JR. Instead of doing her usual booty dance on the stage, she’s marches out with a purpose.

King: “I’m sure Nikki has a lot to say about how the Chamber unfolded. Despite the outcome, she’s had an incredible performance! She’s definitely going to be featured on the EC highlight reels for years to come!”

Nikki enters the ring and demands a mic, “Give me a fuckin mic! Give me a fuckin mic right now!”

A staff member eagerly runs to her to her and hands her a mic.

Ungratefully, she snatches the mic from the hands of the staff member.

A small Nikki chant surprisingly breaks out. The fans are warming up to her.


JR: “I can’t believe she’s starting to gather a f0110wing!”

“I’m not leaving this ring until I get my hands on Kelly Kelly! You want to reignite this rivalry BITCH! Let’s do it! I should be fighting you at Mania! I should be immortal right now! I should be the fuckin WWE Champion! Come on out here, Kelly! Because now, I want your ‘number one contenders’ spot! I want Trish Stratus at WrestleMania! And I don’t care how you come out here dressed! You can come out here like a stupid four-year-old and play Halloween, or you can come out here like a trashy-ass stripper! Until you come out here Kelly. I’m holding RAW hostage and there’s not a damn thing anyone back there can do about it!”


The upbeat and flashy theme of Brandi Rhodes plays and out she comes with a mic in hand too.

The audience that once cheered Nikki has solidly aligned with Brandi just now. Like a volcano 🌋, the crowd has erupted.


JR: “Oh my! This is a fantastic way to start RAW! Here comes Brandi!”

“What the fuck do you want Brandi Rhodes!” Nikki yells into the mic.


King: “Two fan-favorites could come to blows in the ring, right now. But they did work well together last night!”

Brandi walks around the titan tron entry point. Soaking in the cheers.

JR: “Seems like Brandi is wisely keeping her distance from that fire cracker, Nikki!”


“Nikki, I’m not here to get in your way. If you want Kelly and Trish Stratus; go right ahead. You can have all that. In fact, you deserve it! I’m not here to get in your way.

But I WILL NOT wait to get my title shot! I’m long… long… LONG overdue to get a damn title shot and since you’re out here demanding matches, I want one too! The only way to get management’s attention around here is to come out here demanding matches. That’s why I’m here! I want Dolce for the IC Title at WrestleMania! Since we worked so well together last night Nikki, taking out Dolce… Let’s highjack RAW together to get what we want! We want title shots! We deserve them!”

The crowd cheers in approval. They’re going wild right now.

Brandi turns her attention to the camera. “You’re move Dolce! I’m sure you want some revenge after I buried your sister, Ariel, last year at Mania! I’m going to put your entire family down!”


The crowd cheers.

Nikki stands in the ring nodding her head in approval.

JR: “Boy! These two women rarely see eye-to-eye. But when they do, there’s some magic that’s made!”

The screen on the tron lights up. The viewpoint is coming from a camera that’s lying on the floor. It looks like the Shield’s promo videos.

The screen shows the camera being picked up. The person picking up the camera points it at herself.

Anna Nystrom smirks at the camera like if she’s on top of the world.

“Point the camera at me! Point the camera at me!” A person offscreen requests.

Anna’s eyes first acknowledge the other woman before following orders. She shifts the camera to the other person.

The country sensation is shown approaching the camera, aggressively. She speaks to the camera and apparently is able to see who’s in front of the crowd. “Is that you Nikki?! Oh, it looks like you got Brandi out there too… well Good you both can watch! Both of you think you can just jump me and Anna at EC and not think there’s going to be repercussions?” Carrie’s hillbilly twang can’t be ignored as she speaks. “Both of ya’ll failed last night! Dolce still beat Angela last night! Without Anna and I!”

The crowd boos heavily.

Nikki raises the mic, “Enough Carrie! If both of your asses are still looking for a beating you’re going to have to come out here because me and Brandi are actually in the middle of a hijacking!”

The crowd cheers again in approval.

Carrie shakes her head dismissively, “You still think you’re in charge, pretty Bella?… Wait… I don’t think you’re the pretty Bella…. I think the pretty Bella is back here with us!”

Nikki looks on at the screen more concerned. Carrie’s choice words clearly struck a cord.

“Oh, that got your attention, huh?” Carrie playfully speaks. “Lookey lookey what I have here…” Carrie points the camera towards where she want’s it to go now.

Anna points the camera at a sedated, Bri Bella. She looks like they’ve drugged her as she looks out of it, seated, and tied in a chair. Even worse, Dolce, is right behind her, with her IC title over her shoulder. With only her index finger, Dolce playfully requests her camerawoman come on over.

Anna follows orders and comes approaches Dolce.

Dolce puts her title around the back of Bri’s head and straddles her weak prey.

The camera has a close up shot of the two women.

With Dolce’s same index finger, she points Bri’s chin upward. She then reaches forward aggressively and sinks her teeth into the bottom lip of Bri. Bri yells frightingly. She’s screaming as Dolce chews her bottom lip up, immediately piercing Bri’s skin, causing blood to splat outward and splash into the camera.

Nikki and Brandi look on horrified.

To be Continued…

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