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Margot is in the ring with Robbie. Robbie is in the ring in her wrestling gear ready to wrestle her match with Nikki.

Margot begins the segment by addressing the crowd, “For those of you who’ve missed Carrie… we’re going to check in with her to see how she’s doing and whether she’s ready for Robbie at the Royal Rumble!”

The crowd applauds.

“Now, Carrie didn’t have a great night at TLC and she needed to go to the hospital. Since Carrie’s in the hospital we’re going to check-in with her from here and we will see her on the tron.”
Margot now turns her attention to Robbie, “Now Robbie, after I’m done speaking with Carrie you can address Carrie.”

Robbie waves off Margot, “That’s fine you can talk to her, Margot. I’ll see her at the Royal Rumble … I’m taking her career!”

Robbie is stretching in the ring prepping herself for her match coming up.

Margot continues, “ok! Let’s get Carrie on the…” the tron begins flickering. “…Oh!? It looks kind of like it’s coming up?…” the tron comes on and Carrie’s in the hospital bed under the typical, thin bed sheets the hospital provides. Excitingly, “Oh! Carrie’s now on the screen! Hello Carrie can you hear me? You don’t look so well?!”

Carrie, grabs a bandaged mic, conveniently placed at her side, next to her bed, “Hi Margot, it’s been a rough few weeks. Ever since Survivor Series… it’s been tough… Every week, it’s been disappointment after disappointment… I retired my friend, I tried changing things up by aligning myself with the Beautiful People but that didn’t work… I’ve been assaulted by Brandi…” Carrie looks at the camera, “I’m now in my second match that requires me to fight to keep my job… I’ve given my all to this business but I feel like sometimes I just get nothing back.”

Robbie rolls her eyes in the ring.

“I didn’t mean to do what I did to Angela. She surprised me when she attacked me. I truly thought she was Brandi and I was protecting myself. I was going through a paranoid phase back then.”

Robbie is walking around the ring uncomfortably.

“I know Robbie wants revenge on me for what happened to her friend, Angela and that’s fine… I didn’t intend to hurt her.”

Robbie snatches the mic from Robbie, “CUT THE CRAP CARRIE! I’m not gonna have any remorse for you. Don’t worry about your hospital bed loosing it’s warmth because after the Royal Rumble I’m putting your ass back in it!”










Carrie stares at the camera with a cold look. Carrie’s cold look begins to defrost, as a small warm smile, a smirk, begins to creep upon her face. Ominously, “You don’t want me to come back to this hospital Robbie.” Carrie winks at the camera.

Robbie looks confusingly up at the tron as she leans on the ropes.

Carrie removes the sheets from her body and sits up. Carrie is dressed in her street cloth. Angrily, “It’s true, it’s damn true I didn’t intend to hurt Angela that night… but tonight…?” Carrie hops out of her bed and crosses the hall as the camera man follows her to the next room. Carrie walks into a room where Angela is laying unconscious in her hospital bed.

Carrie’s security team slam the door shut to prevent security, doctors, and nurses from busting through the door.

Carrie glances menacingly at the camera.

Robbie’s anger changes from anger to panic, “Carrie wait! Wait! Please stop! Please don’t hurt her!”

Carrie turns her attention to the camera, “forfeit! Forfeit your match right now Robbie! Or I’m going to make sure Angela stays in this hospital!”

Robbie looks on horrified, not sure what to do.

Carrie unravels her mic to reveal a bloody mic. “Do you remember when was the last time I used this mic Robbie? You better make up your mind Robbie.”

Robbie pleads, “Carrie please… I’m going to loose my job if I forfeit, I need to be here!”

Carrie shrugs nonchalantly. Carrie turns her back to the camera. The camera sees Carrie now raising her bloody mic into the air over Angela’s sleeping face.

Robbie screams in the ring, “STOPPPPP!!!!! Carrie wait!!! I’ll… I’ll…”

Robbie falls to her knees in the ring, “…you win… I’ll… I… forfeit my match. I forfeit! I forfeit what do I need to do to forfeit? Please… Please don’t hurt her.”

Carrie turns around with a wide-eyed smile, “Wow I didn’t expect you to give up so easily Robbie. I really wanted to hurt Angela… your willing to give up your career for her…you must really love her…”

Carrie is much more serious now, “Margot, my staff is on their way into the ring. Would you be a doll and confirm that Robbie has signed my contract? Just to skip the boring legal stuff, Robbie the contract your about to sign states that if you show up at the Royal Rumble this Sunday, I will sue you for everything you have! I get everything, even the royalties from that stupid show you have. Margot please confirm it’s signed.

Robbie takes the contract to sign it. Tear drops fall onto the contract as Robbie signs her name on it.

Margot addresses Carrie, “She signed it Carrie.”

Robbie runs up the ramp trying to hide her face. Shes in tears as she tries to cover her face.

The crowd boos heavily.

JR: “I didn’t think Carrie could stoop any lower but she’s disgusts me.”

King: “She’s like the Apple Eve bit into JR. She’s pretty on the outside but poison on the inside. This is sad.”

Carrie throws her mic onto Angela in her bed. Carrie begins walking out as the security, doctors, and nurses bypass her to check on Angela.

Robbie makes it to the top of the ramp to the curtain.

She’s blasted backward and lands on her back leaving her unconscious.

Nikki has emerged from the curtain, with Bri by her side.

Nikki had blasted Robbie with a stiff forearm smash.  

“You can’t wait for me to do my entrance!” Nikki exclaims.

“Some people are so rude sis.” Bri quips.

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