15 RAW Trish is on a Mission III

Trish’s final encounter to get the contract to Ashley Graham, is with the blonde bombshell, Torrie Wilson.

Trish continues walking backstage carrying a folder. Up ahead of her she sees Torrie Wilson leaning against the wall. Torrie looks like she’s just hanging out and socializing backstage. She’s sucking on her lollipop.

Unfortunately, for Trish, they made eye contact.

Torrie sees Trish coming and blocks Trish’s path. Torrie towers over Trish, and looks down at her.

Torrie Wilson breast nearly in Trish’s face, Torrie’s always been taller than Trish. Torrie takes the lollipop out of her mouth in front of Trish. Torrie begins speaking, “I’m coming for you Trish… once Ariel gets that title off of you… at the Royal Rumble… She’s going to finally get what she wanted… and I’m going to get what I’ve wanted, your face and my ass to “FUCK!”… Then I’ll become champion at Mania! After of course I win the Royal Rumble tonight… See you soon” Torrie with a wink, as she removes herself from Trish’s walkway.

Trish continues walking past Torrie and opens a door to enter the room. The Camera sees, she made it to Stephanie’s office.

King: “Trish is going to need an ‘appointment-book’ to keep up with all the women who are going to ‘see her soon’.”

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