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Royal Rumble III

Current Participants in the ring,

1.) Ashley

2.) Carrie

9.) Candice

11.) Kelly

15.) Nikki

18.) Alexa Bliss

19.) Alexis Texas

20.) Carmella

Kelly and Nikki are actually working together to battle Ashley.

Candice and Alexa are fighting.

Alexis Texas and Carmella are fighting

Carrie sneaks up behind Alexis Texas and assists Carmella in eliminating Alexis Texas.

21.) Brandi Rhodes. Brandi makes her entrance.

Brandi immediately begins assisting Kelly and Nikki in attacking Ashley. Ashley was getting the better of Kelly but Brandi is assisting against the biggest threat. Brandi with an enziguri to the head of Ashley. Nikki is behind Ashley giving her clubbing blows to her back. Kelly is punching the face of Ashley.

22.) Maryse heads out.

Maryse attacks Carmella.

Carrie and Alexa work together to eliminate Candice Michelle.

23.) Mickie James jumps into the ring.

Mickie jumps on the head of Maryse and delivers a swinging DDT smashing Maryse’s skull into the mat.

Alexa trades blows with Carmella.

Carrie looking to take advantage of a downed opponent and begins stomping away at Ashley. Carrie is helping Kelly Nikki and Brandi against Ashley. Brandi immediately makes eye contact with Carrie and Carrie is now backing off, “Brandi let’s not fight we need to work together!” Carrie screams.

Brandi chick kick’s Carrie’s head off.

24.) Kaitlyn comes running to the ring.

Kaitlyn makes her way to Nikki and begins punching Nikki Bella. Kaitlyn and Nikki match each other in size. Leaving Ashley and Kelly to fight it out.

25.) Torrie Wilson makes her way to the ring.

Torrie runs over to Mickie James. Torrie spins Mickie around and delivers a face buster to the face of Mickie. “Maybe it’s time I give your face a kiss with this ass Mickie!” Torrie shouts.

Torrie throws Mickie to the turnbuckle and shoulder blocks her in the mid section.

Mickie lands on the floor in a seated position. “Here’s your new idol Mickie! It ain’t’ Trish anymore! It’s my ass!”

Torrie turns around to see Alexa is at the top rope and is heading towards her in mid-air!

Alexa drop kicks Torrie in her chest knocking her to the mat. Alexa jumps on top of Torrie with punches to Torrie’s beautiful face. “I didn’t forget what you did to me!” Alexa screams.

26.) Peyton Royce enters the ring at number 26.

Peyton stomps away at Mickie. Maryse comes up to Peyton from behind, “Lets take out Carmella! You and I can work together!” Peyton agrees and the two sneak up behind Carmella. Carmella turns around slaps Peyton Royce across the face. Maryse grabs the back of Carmella’s head and throws her out of the ring.

Maryse celebrates the elimination

Kaitlyn has Nikki on all fours in the middle of the ring. Nikki’s tired. Kelly jumps up and lands K2 onto Nikki Bella to a huge pop!

Kaitlyn didn’t like being interrupted though. Kaitlyn spine busters Kelly into the mat.

27.) Liv Morgan makes her way out.

She gets to the top rope and jumps for a cross body onto Peyton.

Alexa has Torrie groggy on the ring ropes and runs to clothesline her out of the ring.

Torrie ducks it and runs towards Mickie at the other end of the ring and clotheslines Mickie out of the ring.

28.) Victoria is on her way to the ring.

Kaitlyn tosses Kelly out of the ring. But Kelly is still hanging on to the bottom rope. Victoria begins stomping away at Kelly trying to eliminate Kelly. Victoria is pushing Kelly with her feet out of the ring. Kaitlyn is assisting Victoria in kicking out Kelly.

Nikki bella tosses Kaitlyn out of the ring.

Victoria immediately turns her attention to Nikki and starts slugging it out in the ring.

Elsewhere in the ring, Ashley is to her feet. Maryse approaches Ashley, “Let’s work together to take everyone out of this rumble! Me and you can be the last ones standing!” Ashley nods and the two women approach Peyton. Peyton notices the two women approaching her. Peyton screams and rolls out of the ring smiling, “You can’t touch me!”

Ashley tells Maryse to get Peyton for her. Ashley then grabs Maryse and tosses her over the top rope.

29.) AJ Lee heads down the ramp and enters the ring.

JR: “We’re getting closer to the final six!”

Liv and Aj begin fighting.

Alexa continues to get the better of Torrie and is laying slugger after slugger onto Torrie. Ashley headbutts both AJ and Liv. Both women are leaning against the turnbuckle now on top of each other. Ashley with a running splash onto both women. Both women get crushed in the corner. Ashely grabs the first person to come towards her after the big splash. Ashley effortlessly tosses Liv out of the ring.

Brandi heads over and clotheslines AJ out of the ring to the floor.

So far we have 1.) Ashley 2.) Carrie 11.) Kelly 15.) Nikki 18.) Alexa Bliss 21.) Brandi 25.) Torrie Wilson 26.) Peyton Royce 28.) Victoria and number 30.

King: “We need four more eliminations to end this match!”

Victoria gets the better of Nikki.

Kelly with a drop kick to Victoria! Kicking her out of the ring.

Alexa runs towards Torrie to eliminate her. Torrie drops down and pulls the top rope so that Alexa goes flying over the top rope on her own.

A dejected Alexa cries on the floor.

Kelly kicks away at Nikki on the mat.

The lights go out…

The lights come back on. The WWE Champion Ariel is in the ring!

She spits blood in Brandi’s face.







The lights go dark again.

Then back on. Ariel’s gone when the lights are back on.

Brandi is still struggling to see because of the blood in her face.

Carrie takes advantage of a distracted Brandi and sneaks up behind her to eliminate Brandi.

King: “Carrie of all people has just eliminated Brandi!”

Carrie acts like she just won the rumble and is celebrating.

30.) Mandy rose makes her way out.

She grabs Peyton by her hair and tosses her into the ring.

JR: “I thought number 30 was going to be Trish?”

King: “it’s not Trish but it’s pretty damn close!”

Peyton is approached by Ashley. Ashley picks up Peyton over her shoulders and tosses her out of the ring.

Mandy rose enters the ring and is the sixth superstar still standing.

The match is over.

The final six going into the elimination chamber next month.

1.) Ashley

2.) Carrie Underwood

11.) Kelly Kelly

15.) Nikki Bella

25.) Torrie Wilson

30.) Mandy Rose

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