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Royal Rumble Part II

Current Rumble Participants still in the ring: 1.) Ashley,

2.) Carrie,

7.) Anna,

9.) Candice,

10.) Madison

Carrie, Candice, and Madison are trying to work together against Ashley. The three are punching away at Ashley. Ashley is brawling back.

Ashley seems to be getting the advantage.

11.) Kelly makes her way out to a standing ovation.

Kelly attacks the biggest in the ring. She delivers a drop kick to the back of Ashley. Ashley is in the golden position for Kelly, all fours. Kelly jumps off the ropes and towards Ashley and delivers a K2 to Ashley Graham. The crowd roars in approval. Kelly is empowered right now. Kelly runs towards Madison tosses out Madison Rayne.

Anna and Candice are brawling. Carrie is hiding in the corner.

12.) Mia Malkova makes her way out to the ring.

Mia attacks Carrie Underwood in the ring.

Kelly gets behind Mia and tosses her out of the ring.

Kelly heads towards Carrie to fight her.

12. Jossie Ochoa makes her way out and attacks Kelly.

Candice eliminates Anna.

13.) Anna Katerina makes her way out and attacks Jossie.

14.) Naomi makes her way out.

And attacks Kelly. Carrie and Michelle are brawling. Ashley is stirring in the ring.

15.) Nikki Bella makes her way out to the ring. She makes eye contact with her nemesis and heads towards her.

Nikki enters and immediately goes after Kelly. The two women brawl in the ring.

Ashley Graham gets to her feet and knocks Jossie out of the ring.

Ashley then slams anna Katerina and then eliminates Naomi.

16.) Velvet Sky makes her way out and enters the ring.

Ashley shoves Velvet out of the ring.

Ashley picks up Nikki up and slams her down into the mat.

17.) Sydney Hightower makes her way out to the ring. Sydney attacks Anna Katharina.

Ashley brawls with Kelly Kelly.

Eve eliminates Anna Katerina .

18.) Alexa Bliss makes her way out.

Alexa brawls with Sydney. Carrie is on the ground. Ashley is getting the better of Kelly. Nikki attacks Ashley from behind and brawls with Ashley.

19.) Alexis Texas makes her way out.

Alexis runs over and gives a rear view to Sydney. Knocking Sydney Hightower out of the rumble.

Texas heads over to assist Nikki against Ashley.

Texas delivers a running Rear view to Carrie knocking her on her ass.

20.) Carmella makes her way out. Carmella runs over and attacks Alexis Texas.

To Be Continued…

Current Participants in the ring, 1.) Ashley 2.) Carrie 9.) Candice Michelle 11.) Kelly 15.) Nikki 18.) Alexa Bliss 19.) Alexis Texas 20.) Carmella

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    1. Awesome! Glad to read u like it. Kelly came in strong. I think she’s the biggest face right now in the rumble.
      We’ll see if she makes it to the final 6 in the rumble. There’s going to be 6 winners that enter the elimination chamber next month.


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